November 29, 2006

Replicant Progress Update...

by Chris Randall

The last time I put up a Replicant progress report, there were several people in the comments section that had good ideas for additions to the plugin. So, I'm pleased to announce that we have added a few new features, and are now very close to putting the lid on the Windows version.

The above screenshot, which you can see in full size by clickage, is from today's build, and you can see the additional controls. I'll go through the new ones, so you know what's going on. First up, on the lower left, you'll see a two-position switch and a knob. These control the direction of the loop. In "CONSTANT" mode, the entire playback (but the first, of course) is reversed, and the DIR RAND knob controls how likely that is to occur. In "SCATTER" mode, the DIR RAND knob controls how likely any individual loop will be reversed. It makes more sense when you hear it, I'm sure.

Now, the other two additions are on the far right of the UI. You'll note a RANDOMIZE section, with two switches. The first is "RAND," which randomizes the entire UI. Personally, I don't care for this sort of thing, as I find it of limited usefulness. However, several people asked for it, so we added it, since it wasn't that much trouble. Under that, you'll see a "HOLD" switch. Someone (I forget who) postulated that it would be nice to be able to keep a random state if you liked what it was doing. This "HOLD" switch does exactly that. If you activate it, all the random events that occur in that measure will also occur, with the exact same values, for subsequent measures, for as long as the switch is on. As soon as it is released, the random number generators re-seed per measure, as before.

So, I hope these extra features were worth the bit more time it took. The only things we have left to do are get the displays running at the top, and "optimize" the code. (Whatever the fuck that means. Adam explains it as writing the math better, but the math looks the same to me either way, so I think he just fills it full of Magic Smoke or something.)

After that, we'll get working on the OSX versions, and presto-whammo. I still am not confident we'll have this done before Christmas, but it's now in the "sooner rather than later" file.



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Dec.01.2006 @ 10:41 AM
Thanks for adding the Random.... its really useful to me!!!!!!

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