November 29, 2006

Pigs Fly, Hell Freezes Over, et al.

by Chris Randall

Persuant to our earlier conversation on the subject, it seems that Russia has agreed to shut down God only knows how long this will take to occur, or if it will actually occur. Maybe Putin will poison the owner or something, thus making an end-run around the courts. You never know...

In other news, it seems that the PC version of SSL's Duende dsp sidecar is now released. This makes me so happy I could just shit. Unfortunately, I can't buy it just now, as the holidays are upon us, and I have a large family who just can't seem to get hip to the whole "hey, if I don't buy you a gift you don't have to buy me one" idea. What I'm thinking is setting up a fundable donation page, so you can all buy me a Duende for Christmas, in return for entertaining you all year long, in $2.00 increments. Ho, ho, ho.




Nov.29.2006 @ 2:26 PM
allofmp3 shutting down is cool. What's not cool is how much power the RIAA (and MPAA) has, seemingly able to direct the power of the government in whatever direction they desire.

It's definitely big money in motion.


Nov.29.2006 @ 2:28 PM
Just have your large family pool their resources to get you Duende for Christmas!

I wouldn't mind checking out Duende or Liquid Mix. Really wish they had PCIe versions, though. I don't really need portable.


Nov.29.2006 @ 2:29 PM
D' MacKinnon
I saw that today, looks like Russia finally gave in.

Nov.29.2006 @ 3:03 PM
Hey Santa, where can I send my 2? for Chris' Duende?

Nov.29.2006 @ 3:04 PM
The RIAA doesn't have any power over the government of Russia. Putin would kill them fools in a second if they ever tried to bully Russia (for real, the old Soviet Union might be dead, but those FSB guys are still pretty hardcore). However, the U.S. government has a veto in deciding when Russia gets full memebership in the WTO... So the RIAA gets the U.S. government (which the RIAA CAN bully) to make cracking down on piracy a pre-condition for memebership.

No doubt the U.S. had to give up a sweet deal on Russian oil, or sacrifice some other position of great national interest, in order to make the RIAA demands top priority... but we will never know since those kinds of things happen behind closed doors and away from the knowledge of average joes like us.


Nov.29.2006 @ 3:44 PM
It's already happened.

"No international payment service will touch transactions and a disabled message greets users at checkout."

link []">link []


Nov.29.2006 @ 4:33 PM
"Hey Santa, where can I send my 2? for Chris' Duende?"

I'd chip in for that!


Nov.29.2006 @ 8:11 PM
I predict less than 6 months until we see a replacement service...where? who knows...and of course if we dont see it well I'll be saying its dark-net.

Nov.29.2006 @ 11:27 PM
A CMU-800R Ebay fund!



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