November 22, 2006

And We're Off To The Races...

by Chris Randall

I know I keep mentioning my next album, in fits and starts, like "as I continue the interminable process of writing my next album..." and other pithy comments along that same vein. Well, for what it's worth, it's almost done. As my lovely and talented wife gets the website for the new project in order, she put up a MySpace page, which contains three songs from the new record.

So, assuming you were curious as to what I've been up to for the last 18-odd months, well, that's it. The album will be out in January.



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Nov.24.2006 @ 1:56 PM
the first two aren't playing for me either. PC.

Nov.24.2006 @ 5:13 PM
i loved the drum sounds.. which bfd pack did you use?

Nov.24.2006 @ 10:10 PM
Chris Randall
Those three, it's the factory pack. I have a couple others now.



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