November 22, 2006

And We're Off To The Races...

by Chris Randall

I know I keep mentioning my next album, in fits and starts, like "as I continue the interminable process of writing my next album..." and other pithy comments along that same vein. Well, for what it's worth, it's almost done. As my lovely and talented wife gets the website for the new project in order, she put up a MySpace page, which contains three songs from the new record.

So, assuming you were curious as to what I've been up to for the last 18-odd months, well, that's it. The album will be out in January.



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Nov.22.2006 @ 2:47 PM
Very cool. I like it. Damn good. I hear the Tom Waits influence. BTW, is that you in the shot?

Nov.22.2006 @ 2:49 PM
Chris Randall
Yes, 'tis.



Nov.22.2006 @ 5:22 PM
Melissa Royall
Thank you for the promise of an amazing birthday gift to come. This will be a great end to the holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


Nov.22.2006 @ 6:02 PM
not sure if it's my computer or not, but the first two songs won't play on the 'space page. i'd like to hear them!
i'd never heard any of your stuff before, just read this blog. having heard the third song only, it's not what i expected, but i really enjoyed it. excellent work, right passion, and good Sound. classic stuff.
some ?s:
being a solo album, how much of the instrumentation/singing is you? are those real drums?
do you use AD plugins exclusively, or do you play around with others as well? any favorites?

Nov.22.2006 @ 6:18 PM
Chris Randall
Well... That's a lot of questions. As for the first two not playing, don't know what to say there. They work fine for most people.

Drums are mostly BFD, but I add a lot of played percussion over the top. Almost everything else is me. The guitar on "Two Trains Comin'" is Miguel Turanzas from SMG/Catherine/Bizarbies. He played on several tracks on the album. Don Mennerich (who you know on these forums and others as "dm") plays all the woodwinds, some brass, and some organ. Dean Dunakin, who makes music as Bounte, played some trumpet. But everything else is me. On the "Be There Tonight" and "Devil His Due" tracks, I played everything. For what it's worth, I actually really like playing with other people. There just aren't any musicians where I live that are in to this sort of thing. (Or worth a shit, more to the point.)

As for plugins, I use Dubstation for delay exclusively. I use Discord 2 for ADT, mostly on guitars and vocals. On all three tracks, the only reverb is Reverence, usually several instances. But there isn't much production as such on these songs, so they're essentially plugin-free for the most part. I use the URS A-series EQ on every track, and a combination of URS and Waves compressors. (Usually Waves R-Vox on the vocals, and URS on everything else.) I use URS Fulltec in to Waves L3 on the two-buss, and that's that.

The Micronaut and other stuff I do is far more produced than these tracks. I get most of my sounds on the CR tracks via mic placement, and don't really do much with the tracks once they're in the DAW, other than the normal EQ and compression.



Nov.22.2006 @ 8:40 PM
Nice track there, also the first two songs were not playing for me but I get the idea ;)
I also found Micronaut thanks to the links and I love that stuff, too. You got some nice diversification in your music, I like artists who are open to different styles.

I hope the album will sell well!! Greetings from "Europe" ;)


Nov.22.2006 @ 11:58 PM
yeah I think I'ma buy this.

"Two Trains COming" goes on a bit too long at the end for me
"The Devil His Due" works just perfect cept for the trailout ending.

Overall I like the sound alot. I dont have anything now that sounds like these.

So are you being punished by the Flying Spaghetti Monster for smoking in a no smoking zone?


Nov.23.2006 @ 12:37 AM
Not to pick on you or anything, but why the cliche song titles? Are you going for irony?

Nov.23.2006 @ 12:42 AM
Chris Randall
Not to state the blatantly obvious or anything, but well, I'll go ahead and do it...

What on earth does it matter?



Nov.23.2006 @ 12:47 PM
Seriously good stuff! I reckon there's a bit of Morphine going on, in addition to Waits.

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