November 21, 2006

New Tom Waits album(s) out today.

by Chris Randall

Don't forget the Tom Waits "Orphans" boxed set is out today. An excellent Christmas gift for the person in your life that has good taste in music. $39 at Amazon.




Nov.21.2006 @ 7:48 PM
Been looking forward to it. Just checked out the previews on eMusic, made me want to get it even more. It'll be the first CD I've bought in a good six months, what with going mostly download these days.

I have Flash 9 installed, but I'm not getting anything from whatever .swf is supposed to be playing in the post.


Nov.22.2006 @ 12:46 AM
I've bought everything Tom has done since Swordfish Trombones, I kinda thought I'd heard enough about the Time Alice and Blood Money were released. I bought Real Gone just to keep supporting the cause, but barely listened to it.

This set is the best thing my ears have heard in a while. Maybe the timing is right for my ear to hear some gritty pure analog rants backed by world class musicians.

mp3 of "Road To Peace" here:
link []">link []


Nov.22.2006 @ 2:02 AM
It's wonderful (as always), and incredibly inspirational.

Nov.22.2006 @ 9:13 AM
Wow what a unique voice!
reminds me a bit of L. Armstrong

Nov.22.2006 @ 11:43 AM
I don't know it that's true, but i've heard that at some point in the beginning of his career Tom Waits changed his way of thinking about music after he discovered Captain Beefheart.

I am a big fan of Beefheart, but i am not familiar with Waits at all. What album (s) should i check out first?



Nov.22.2006 @ 12:39 PM
I suggest Rain Dogs.

Nov.22.2006 @ 1:25 PM
i LOVE "Bone Machine". it's just amazing. lot's nique percussion sounds and it has this almost tribal feel at times but is also just full of great songwriting.

Nov.22.2006 @ 2:01 PM
Chris Randall
Rain Dogs, Bone Machine, Frank's Wild Years, Swordfish Trombone, Mule Variations, Real Gone, etc. etc. etc.

Actually, if I was going to suggest a Tom Waits album to a Cap'n Beefheart fan, I'd probably suggest "Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years." Greatest hits from his weird records (as opposed to his pre-Island records, which are only odd). Can't go wrong.



Nov.22.2006 @ 6:25 PM
I'm always a couple years behind on Waits albums - it seems to take that long to get used to one, though "Alice" was a huge exception.

As far as suggesting a good first album... for me it depends on what kind of music you like. "Swordfishtrombones" is still one of my big favorites, but I could see "Rain Dogs" for somebody more into rock music, "Bone Machine" for goths (a no-brainer), and "Mule Variations" for country fans. For the most part every single album has been somewhat of an acquired taste for me, it takes more than a year to really get to like any particular album.


Nov.22.2006 @ 8:19 PM
I find Frank's Wild Years the most rewarding of the bunch, but I love 'em all.



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