November 17, 2006


by Chris Randall

Okay, I've started to get tired of making fun of people on this blog. Not that I have any moral qualms about it, mind you, in case you were confusing me with someone that gave a flying fuck about other people's feelings. It's just that there's so much out there to make fun of (there are at least ten keytard videos uploaded to YouTube every day) that it has gotten old.

So, my question is thus: since the content of AI over the past few months has been almost exclusively given over to making fun of people, what should I switch to? I tend to like the discussions we have viz. process the best, so I'm leaning in that direction. I would put more reviews up, but I'll only review stuff I've purchased; people offer me shit for review all the time (mostly software) and I have a hard time coming up with something that would be a bigger waste of my time than trying to write interesting things about something I wouldn't buy.

So, let's hear it. What do you want to read and discuss the most on AI?



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Nov.19.2006 @ 12:29 AM
Dave Cake
I'm all in favour of hearing your opinions (positive or negative) about anything music industry related, especially gear, software and business stuff -- but more real targets, less fucktards. Your posts on high end gear are the sort of stuff no one else does as well.

I'm also very interested in posts relating to creation of AD plugs, with as much technical process as you care to put in, but I realise I am probably in a minority here.

I'm certainly interested in anything related to music process, even if its just you starting discussion rather than detailed posts. Use of AD plugs would be particularly valuable.

And I am sure Skot from fxpansion would consider acting the fool in other peoples instructional plugin videos besides Ohm Boys.


Nov.19.2006 @ 3:10 AM
i don't see anything off-topic since many are open to hear opinions about gear and music related. So if i ask what CR uses as a DI because it's his blog and i'm interested to know what he uses. And i don't want to keep it to myself or maybe CR gets such a private message every once in awhile, i ask it here in this topic because he doesn't want to pick on person related music and wants a change.

if i'd ask this in a AD related message yes than you can continue to be the smart owner guy telling everyone this is off-topic.

in case someone doesn't know what the question was about but that it relates to : i'd rather see music gear topics (and i'll give you one).
why repeat all the previous posts.

CR's blog so i'm actually only interested in one persons opinion. The rest just wants to be the cool know it all guy down the block.

now i've gotten some nice links to DI's but the rest didn't. oh well ask it again if someone else needs it. that's what happens with private messages and off-topic comments.

More music gear , tips, ad tips and less pissing against someones leg.


Nov.19.2006 @ 1:09 PM
Actually, the mix is great, and why I keep coming back.



Nov.19.2006 @ 10:55 PM
Not nearly enough drunken midgets though. Not nearly.

Nov.20.2006 @ 10:52 AM
D' MacKinnon
HCGP, hardware modding, hardware reviews, software/plugin reviews...NAMM is only a couple months away.

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