November 17, 2006


by Chris Randall

Okay, I've started to get tired of making fun of people on this blog. Not that I have any moral qualms about it, mind you, in case you were confusing me with someone that gave a flying fuck about other people's feelings. It's just that there's so much out there to make fun of (there are at least ten keytard videos uploaded to YouTube every day) that it has gotten old.

So, my question is thus: since the content of AI over the past few months has been almost exclusively given over to making fun of people, what should I switch to? I tend to like the discussions we have viz. process the best, so I'm leaning in that direction. I would put more reviews up, but I'll only review stuff I've purchased; people offer me shit for review all the time (mostly software) and I have a hard time coming up with something that would be a bigger waste of my time than trying to write interesting things about something I wouldn't buy.

So, let's hear it. What do you want to read and discuss the most on AI?



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Nov.17.2006 @ 4:40 PM
Dave McAnally
Awww well Diamond Dave is saying he's going to post more vids sure you wanna cease making fun of people just yet?

The discussions I like the best on here are the ones that revolve around monetizing the music (re: publishing, downloads vs. tangible albums, etc etc). I know that's sort of a narrow subject and there's only so much you can talk about with that as well, but that's my .02


Nov.17.2006 @ 4:51 PM
More than one or two videos a week seems to be pushing it, so save it for really outstanding morons like DD. Making fun of gear never gets old for some reason.

I'd like to hear more about your music making process. It's a world I'm not really involved with, so beat slicing/distorting/IDM techniques would be interesting. I'm so out of touch that I still refer to electronic music collectively as "techno," though I'm trying to change my ways.

And bring back HCGP!


Nov.17.2006 @ 5:12 PM
Hmm, I dunno. You could post a video of what -you- look like when you're jamming away, so we could see how much cooler you are than all the barrelfish you like to take shots at and call fucktards.

Seriously, I agree with synthetic, I'd like to read more about music making and techniques. Maybe more about the process of creating plug-ins, too, if you can do that without giving away proprietary info.


Nov.17.2006 @ 5:20 PM
FMOF, DIY stuff, opinions are like ........ though.

Nov.17.2006 @ 5:26 PM
please skip the posts about things you don't like, whether people, companies, products or whatever. thanks!

Nov.17.2006 @ 5:31 PM
What about discussions on how to get more and hotter chicks?

Nov.17.2006 @ 5:35 PM
Maybe vid clips of the gear we actually lust over in action for a change instead of POV HCGP. Dont get me wrong though HCGPF is the shiznit. Hearing the gear would be cool (sorta like that roland cr drumbox clip doing some fly electro on matrixsynth blog last month). Demo clips of the AD plugs in action would be great, for instance Ohmboys has a vid out with some tutorials of there stuff (think some dude from fxpansion did it for em) it was interesting to watch and actually educational for new grounds in tweakage, even though it was a kinda biting from the museum of techno guys. Vid Clips of the AD plugs in full glory, you dont have to be a comedian/actor though like the Museum of Techno guys or Ohmboyz. I wouldn't mind seeing your MKS get freaked through Ronin on top of some FMOF loops...once again opinions are.....

Nov.17.2006 @ 5:36 PM
I second the two suggestions: music biz stuff, and tips and techniques for music production. Your experience with both can be really valuable to us amateurs.

Nov.17.2006 @ 5:41 PM
Bjorn Vayner

Nov.17.2006 @ 5:43 PM
Chris Randall
"Hmm, I dunno. You could post a video of what -you- look like when you're jamming away..."

Well, you can always go buy this: link []">link []
...if you're actually curious. There's also plenty of videos of me "jamming away" on YouTube. You just have to know how to look for them. Suffice to say, I would never just put up a video of me fooling around in my studio because, well, it's fucktarded.

So process seems to be the general desire, as I surmised. I don't really care about making money on this site (the ads are free to companies I like or have a financial interest in), so it really doesn't matter to me. However, it's worth noting that it's a fuck of a lot easier to link to a YouTube video than it is to write a process article. And writing articles eats in to my precious World Of Warcraft time.



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