November 15, 2006


by Chris Randall

We just ordered a pair of these from AH. I couldn't provide you with a real line of reasoning, other than various testing concerns. But the net result being that I'll be offering up a review shortly, if you were curious.


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Nov.15.2006 @ 3:51 PM
mine just came in today...
it is big

Nov.15.2006 @ 4:06 PM
brandon daniel
I'm interested to hear what you think, I've had my (broke-ass) eye on it myself.

Nov.15.2006 @ 4:08 PM
Yeah, I'm thinking about one of those myself. My two questions:

1. Can you mix on those faders? How long are they?
2. Is there any shuttle control on the unit? I guess it depends on the application, but I don't see anything that could be used to scroll through an arrange window.


Nov.15.2006 @ 4:36 PM
Chris Randall
I'll endeavor to answer those questions (along with any comments I have) once I've received it.



Nov.15.2006 @ 5:12 PM
the faders are very short

Nov.15.2006 @ 7:18 PM
I have the Remote 25 SL. I use it LIVE for very simple triggering and some playing, and i think its OK. I don't use it very much in the studio to control VSTi's knobs or faders, maybe because it feels kinda cheap.

Nov.15.2006 @ 7:25 PM
I had one of the keyboard versions for a while. Nice concept, but ultimately it didn't seem to speed up my workflow at all. At the time they'd only just come out and there was quite a few shortfalls, such as the buttons couldn't be used in Cubase/Nuendo, and the mapping software wasn't working yet, so working with a plugin that reports 250 different vst parameters was a nightmare (even if the developer had bothered to name them all nicely, which a suprising amount don't!).

Anyways, alot of those niggles may have been fixed by now, but at the time I wasn't prepared to take the risk. It got returned.


Nov.15.2006 @ 7:59 PM
i can give it another mixed review. the faders are really short (but thats what i needed), so they'd be a pain for precise mixing. it does have transport, and ff/rew buttons so you can move through an arrangement. the pads are pretty terrible, and despite sending note on messages don't send note off messages on release. if you're looking at one make sure to check how the automapping works for your software, or what it would take to set it up yourself. for live it assigns the faders and corresponding buttons to the mixer, the rotary encoders automap dynamically to whatever effect or instrument you select, and the knobs and most buttons are freely assignable and savable with your automap. it can be really handy if you hate using a mouse, especially with the displays showing what exactly it is that you're controlling. i bought it because i have a specific need for short faders with 2 corresponding buttons, but if not for that i doubt i would have gotten it.

Nov.15.2006 @ 8:21 PM
looks like a poor mans MCU+C4

Nov.15.2006 @ 9:49 PM
I don't know if I'd be happy with the SL Zero (for many of the aforementioned reasons), but I have a Remote 61 SL and I'm quite pleased with it. A few things are a little cheap feeling (particularly the faders) and the software isn't perfect (although it has improved quite a bit even in the two months I've had mine), but it's the least shitty USB MIDI controller I've ever used, and the key action is even well above average - for any synth action semi-weighted keyboard, not just in the USB arena! If somebody ever made a USB MIDI controller that was really pro in terms of build quality, I'd sell it and never miss automap (which I think is well-implemented for the major hosts but is kind of crappy to use with plugins). But until that happens, it's pretty much ideal for my needs.

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