November 9, 2006

Well, I'm sure he _meant_ well...

by Chris Randall

one bank on Vimeo

This is a prime example of how uncool the financial business can be. The male-pattern baldness and the cream-colored tie are what really set it off. DM alerted me to this, so feel free to blame him.

(Note that Vimeo ain't no YouTube. The loading takes a while sometimes. Believe me when I say it's not really worth the wait.)



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Nov.09.2006 @ 3:34 PM
Having listened to the "We Built This Starbucks" song in its entirety, nothing like this fades me anymore.

Nov.09.2006 @ 3:41 PM
Made it one line into the song before I started to taste lunch again. Anyone over the age of say, 14 who tries to be Bono should be beaten. I wonder if U2 got royalties from this?

Nov.09.2006 @ 3:59 PM
Don't playa hate. This clown got a "brown-noser" raise for his trouble. Probably got a a gold star on his review as well.

Nov.09.2006 @ 4:02 PM
d wagenbach

Nov.09.2006 @ 4:03 PM
Strange that the guitarist has an expensive looking Taylor, yet needs sheet music to remember 8 open position chords. Don't you think?

Nov.09.2006 @ 4:24 PM
Is anyone else reminded of the Ben Stiller Show's parody of U2 turning the same song into a commercial for breakfast cereal?


Nov.09.2006 @ 5:01 PM
Wade Alin

it's so cool that these guys took a break from their basement studio (feat. a ssl g series, an immense collection of telefunken mics, and 48 channels of lavry gold) to perform live!



Nov.09.2006 @ 6:28 PM
I sprained my eyelids from wincing so hard.

These are the same guys who insist on performing a special song for the bride and groom (in place of a toast) at wedding receptions. Everyone just stares uncomfortably at their prime rib and prays that the seventh verse is the last.


Nov.09.2006 @ 6:33 PM
I read that he just got signed to a label in Belize and will be recording at some big time studio there.

Nov.09.2006 @ 7:04 PM
Fuck. Time to find a new bank.

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