November 8, 2006

Teaser... Pt. 3

by Chris Randall

I'm in an incredibly good mood right now, due to the American elections. (It's 1 am here in Oregon, and we're still waiting on Montana, but as you no doubt know by now, it's looking like Democrats have taken both houses of congress.) As a result of my good mood, I give you the full UI of the next Audio Damage product. (Click the image for the full-size.)

Meet Replicant. It should be fairly obvious as to what it does, especially to those of you familiar with Live's built in Beat Repeat. I really like Beat Repeat, but I have a couple problems with it. (A) It's Live only, and I have no intention of switching to Live for my music creation, because it is singularly unsuited to my methodology, and (b) Beat Repeat is fucking annoying to program. I don't mean that as a slight to the Ableton guys, who had an excellent idea with their plug. It just doesn't make sense in that all-important non-Germanic way. How is ours different? Well, it has a much more comprehensive timing mechanism, resonant filters, pan position, bit reduction, and more sophisticated randomization features.

We're still quite a ways from having this done, so don't get too excited. Also, as you can clearly see from the screen shot, there are some UI elements missing. (This screenshot is actually from an earlier state of the plugin's dev process, where the knobs were dummies.) We plan to add a couple controls at this point as well, for more control over how the filters work, but I believe you can get a pretty good idea of it at this point. Pricing and release date to be determined, but you can expect it to be in line with all our other products, price-wise, and you can maybe expect to find it in your Christmas stockings.



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Nov.09.2006 @ 1:29 PM
Yes please... random... on all your plug-ins... its very very usefull.

Nov.09.2006 @ 2:32 PM
Wow yeah, I'd say throw a random on Ronin but it would probably as healthy for my monitors/ears as two daisychained Sherman Filterbanks.

Nov.09.2006 @ 2:59 PM
Chris Randall
Yeah, you don't want a random feature on Ronin. That's a fact.



Nov.10.2006 @ 4:07 PM
lollers @ this thread.

link []">link []


Nov.12.2006 @ 1:40 PM
Great new plug AD.

About Live.

I've recently tried once again to do complete songs in it. And with again, that feeling that something's wrong with the summing at the master...sounds compressed and narrow.


Nov.12.2006 @ 1:47 PM
Chris Randall
Man, I about pissed myself when I read that thread. Apparently, the fact that I was in a good mood because of my party's win in the elections is cause for much conversation viz. the nature of politics in the music industry.

Go figure.

I think I'll stay out of that conversation.



Nov.12.2006 @ 5:09 PM
i thought it was a pretty ridiculous thread too.

Nov.13.2006 @ 6:06 PM
Adam Schabtach
I'm really surprised that an Admin of that site would make such a statement, or that he'd at least articulate the statement with some depth. You'd think he'd know better.

I am glad to see that some people understand (or at least recognize) the distinction between this blog and AD's official web presence. It's quite deliberate that they are two different sites. For one thing, it makes it easier for journalists if they can reference a site on which the word "fuck" doesn't appear.

For the record, though, the other half of Audio Damage was also very happy about the election results.



Nov.13.2006 @ 9:54 PM
They sure are a different bunch over there at Big Blue. I bet they're all secretly salivating over the Mbox 2 Mini and practicing their one-handed clapping.

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