November 8, 2006

Teaser... Pt. 3

by Chris Randall

I'm in an incredibly good mood right now, due to the American elections. (It's 1 am here in Oregon, and we're still waiting on Montana, but as you no doubt know by now, it's looking like Democrats have taken both houses of congress.) As a result of my good mood, I give you the full UI of the next Audio Damage product. (Click the image for the full-size.)

Meet Replicant. It should be fairly obvious as to what it does, especially to those of you familiar with Live's built in Beat Repeat. I really like Beat Repeat, but I have a couple problems with it. (A) It's Live only, and I have no intention of switching to Live for my music creation, because it is singularly unsuited to my methodology, and (b) Beat Repeat is fucking annoying to program. I don't mean that as a slight to the Ableton guys, who had an excellent idea with their plug. It just doesn't make sense in that all-important non-Germanic way. How is ours different? Well, it has a much more comprehensive timing mechanism, resonant filters, pan position, bit reduction, and more sophisticated randomization features.

We're still quite a ways from having this done, so don't get too excited. Also, as you can clearly see from the screen shot, there are some UI elements missing. (This screenshot is actually from an earlier state of the plugin's dev process, where the knobs were dummies.) We plan to add a couple controls at this point as well, for more control over how the filters work, but I believe you can get a pretty good idea of it at this point. Pricing and release date to be determined, but you can expect it to be in line with all our other products, price-wise, and you can maybe expect to find it in your Christmas stockings.



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Nov.08.2006 @ 7:30 PM
Oh I'm really excited. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Beat Repeat. Love it. I really don't use any looping in my music at all, but still use Live as my primary composing environemmnt becuase signal routing and control of parameters via MIDI is so very, very simple.
I'd be HAPPY to add this to my collection of effects - Looks like it will expand beyond BR's capabilites a good bit... and more is better, right?



Nov.08.2006 @ 10:51 PM
Yeah! Nice one!!! That plug is gonna itch my jungle trigger finger!!!

Nov.08.2006 @ 10:53 PM
Chaosium wrote:
"Including a parameter randomization feature would be wonderful for those of us better at sounding things out than we are at programming :D "

Thats really intresting regarding both the Replicant topic and the election topic:

"to sound things out" translated to German is (among other possible translations)
"auf den Busch klopfen"

"auf den Busch klopfen" literally translated back to English is
"to hit Bush"



Nov.09.2006 @ 3:29 AM
I don't know beat repeat, so this request might be really stupid, but it would be really nice to be able to vary the amount of beats in a loop. (the center circle looks like either 8 or 16, depending on how it works.) Being able to select any number of beats between 2 and 16 (or 2 and 24) for a loop would be really really great.

Nov.09.2006 @ 9:09 AM
"(A) It's Live only, and I have no intention of switching to Live for my music creation, because it is singularly unsuited to my methodology"

Completely with you on that one. I highly value Live as a tool for certain tasks, but I have wished often that a few of Ableton's highly imaginative fx were standalone. I'm not a DJ and Melodyne has Live beat for time and pitch, so their unique processors are of greatest interest to me.

Just to re-plant an idea for future germination, as long as you're on a one-up Ableton kick, their Resonator and Arpeggiator really deserve to be set free too. In fact, Beat Repeat, Resonator and Arpeggiator could be the three modules of one killer app, but I realize that kind of grandiosity exceeds the AD design philosophy...


Nov.09.2006 @ 10:13 AM
Correct me if I'm wrong Chris, but in an earlier post didn't you mention having to check with someone about the rights to do this plug?
On a completely separate topic, someone keeps telling me to check out a plug you guys did called Filterizer. Is it still available?

Nov.09.2006 @ 10:30 AM
Chris and Moyashi,

Isn't Live specificly for live performance? It seems to me that Live would be unsuited to everyones methodology for recording/composition/production, unless of course they are trying to keep their work process as close as possible to live performance... right?

I am not a Live user (I decided to ditch the laptop a few months ago and go back to all hardware... being a software developer for a living and composing music on a laptop didn't provide a strong enough work/leisure seperation)... but Live seems perfect for what it is designed to do.


Nov.09.2006 @ 10:45 AM
Rex, you are probably right on (though I think some people would say Live is becoming a DAW). That's why I made the point I'm not a post was actually about things I *like* about Live...and the truth is, I _have_ created content in Live that I liked which couldn't have come out of any other app. I totally relate to what you said about your sanity-preserving methodology. Are you using tape?

Nov.09.2006 @ 11:25 AM

I have yet to find a good tape recorder that I can afford (tape is getting expensive). If you or anyone else has some non-budget-busting suggestions, that would be great. But even if I record to computer, it is all sequenced and mixed on hardware, so there wouldn't really be a whole lot of work done on computer. I still use software a bit to edit and process samples, and back up data, so I am not religiously anti-computer. I am just trying not to spend my entire waking hours on a laptop.

Oh, and sorry for getting off the topic. I have a habit of doing that.


Nov.09.2006 @ 12:56 PM
Chris Randall
Live is perfectly viable as a DAW these days. We've got a new artist coming out on Positron shortly, Bounte (who posts here occasionally) and he wrote his whole album in Live. I know others have, as well. I've _tried_ to do entire songs in Live before, but it just doesn't jibe with my creation method. Nothing against it.



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