October 31, 2006

Teaser 2...

by Chris Randall

This should give you a bit more to go on. There are four sections in the plugin, and you can see all of the "Motion" section in this one. We're still coding this, as we did it my way (doing the GUI first) rather than Adam's way (doing the DSP first) this time, so this is subject to change.



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Oct.31.2006 @ 7:00 PM
Holy shit....this is really looking like something interesting...



Oct.31.2006 @ 7:19 PM
I gotta say that so far the GUI is looking pretty slick. Flat enough to be easy to read, but with some depth.

Oct.31.2006 @ 7:21 PM
Hmm I think I know what I'm gonna get myself for christmas. ;)

Oct.31.2006 @ 9:13 PM
very interested to see/hear this sucker!

Oct.31.2006 @ 9:13 PM
So is this going to be called repli- something?

Oct.31.2006 @ 9:16 PM
Looks similar in concept to dBlue's Glitch? I do love Glitch! We definitely need more plugs like this.

Nov.01.2006 @ 1:23 AM
Chris Randall
To noisegeek: yes.

To afreshcupofjoe: it is almost entirely, but not completely, unlike Glitch. (Which is, I'll add, an excellent plugin. I paid for it back when it was for sale instead of free, and use it often.)



Nov.01.2006 @ 3:12 AM
a 5.1 panner/filter & beta mangler in one!
now THATs progress!!!

Nov.01.2006 @ 4:43 AM
Bjorn Vayner
Dr. Dave: it is almost entirely, but not completely, like Dr. Rex.

A real-time beatslicer with built-in sequencer. And effects for each slice.
With a touch of beat repeat for the randomization.


Nov.01.2006 @ 9:06 AM
ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, if this is a dr. rex-like thing i will jump 4 joy.

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