October 22, 2006

Here's something you don't see every day...

by Chris Randall

Most of you have probably been reading this site long enough to know that some pretty strange shit gets me going. Case in point, this image of a complete Roland CMU-800 system (picture courtesy of David Skinner's set from the recent Pacific Northwest Synthesizer Gathering) gives me that old familiar "Must... Have... Now..." knot in my stomach, even though I know for a fact that it sounds like ass, is barely usable under the best of circumstances, and is generally a complete pain in the balls. Add the CMU-810 for the complete ass whompin'. The AlphaSyntauri and DK Synergy do the same thing to me. Maybe it's something about classic audio gear attached to vintage computers or something. Two great tastes that taste great together?

In any case, who's system is this? I thought I knew both of the people on the planet that actually own one of these systems in working order, but this is apparently a third one. (Also, it's worth noting that MatrixSynth also has a post and pictures from this event here, if you need more. They are, of course, essentially the same as the first group.)




Oct.22.2006 @ 8:40 PM
I attended the event but I didn't get the guy's name. I'll bet Matrix knows, or you can probably ping John Marshall over at AH.

You'll definitely want to chat with the owner though; he's got almost all of the obscure Roland sequencers. Funny guy too.


Oct.22.2006 @ 9:42 PM
Actually, I didn't get his name either unfortunately and he wasn't wearing his name tag! : ) BTW, I have some great videos of this thing in action that will eventually go up on Matrixsynth, so keep an eye out for it. The craziest thing about this particular one was he purchased it new in the box, unopened, off of Ebay not long ago, I think 3 months or so. This was the first time ever powering it up. It took a few tries but we eventually got it going.

Oct.22.2006 @ 9:45 PM
Also he mentioned one would be going up on Ebay as soon as he got around to making a copy of the software. A school has one including the interface card, but is missing the software. He said the profits will obviously go towards the school. I think I'll see if John Marshall, the organizer has his contact info. I totally spaced getting it before leaving as I want to put up a post on the auction.

Oct.23.2006 @ 1:34 AM
...who cares about the internal sounds, that thing has 8 channels of CV and Gate.

Oct.23.2006 @ 10:00 AM
I know why you drool over this kind of stuff - nostalgia.

Oct.24.2006 @ 1:16 AM
Video as promised: <a href="link [matrixsynth.bloot.co...]">link [matrixsynth.bloot.co...]">link</a>. More to follow. The owner is James Gallant.

Oct.25.2006 @ 2:44 AM
And here it is playing: link [matrixsynth.bloot.co...]">link [matrixsynth.bloot.co...]

Oct.25.2006 @ 3:22 AM
Chris Randall
On the one hand, thanks for putting those up. Now I _really_ want one. On the other hand, why on earth would I want one of those?



Oct.25.2006 @ 4:11 AM
Finally ! I have got 2 CMU-800 systems + 1 CMU810 (1 is ready; 1 is about to be finished) and they are FUN ...

(Chris ... I think i sent you the youtubes of me playing with the 800 and 810)

like carbo111 says ... it is all about the 8 CV-sequencing power vis-a-vis owning a MC4 or MC8...

so easy to program ... save sequences on a disk ... beauty

F.Mass London




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