September 12, 2005

Okay, then...

by Chris Randall

Sorry I wasn't the normal content provider you know and love this weekend, but I was up to my nipples in work. I still owe a couple Summing Mixer articles, and a special request for a large diaphragm (now, that's just about the dumbest word ever) mic roundup. All these things and more will be coming down the pike in short order, just so you know.

If you can't wait another second for something Cool, then I suggest you mosey (mosie? mosee?) on over to this site, and take a look at something you can't afford. This is the console that both Saturday Night Fever and Hotel California were recorded on, among many other incredibly played songs, and it is for sale. From the way things are written on that page, basically, if you own this console, you're going to be responsible for many, many tragic classic rock songs.




Sep.12.2005 @ 8:55 AM
i got all teary lookin at this thing...oh no wait a minute that must just be the vaseline smears on the camera lens, a true peek into history :-P

Sep.12.2005 @ 9:57 AM
I hear you on the lens trickery, I think it was used to hide just how beat up this thing is. If it's such piece of history, couldn't they at least have taken the time to dust it off for the sale pictures?



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