October 21, 2006

If you're in/near Chicago...

by Chris Randall

Tomorrow night (Sunday, Oct. 22) Wade Alin's band Atomica will be playing at the Darkroom. All the information you could ever desire about this show without actually attending is available at the Atomica site. Also there will be the new kid on the Positron block, Bounte.

If you're not hip to the scene and all, Atomica is a trip-hop/downtempo band, and Bounte does melodic electronica. Full MP3s are available on the audio pages of the pertinent websites. Also note that both sites are on posiNET, so if you're a member here at Analog Industries, you're also a member at both of those sites. Just log in using your same info, and you can post up a storm, as well as access the private message system (which is global to all the posiNET sites.)




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