October 20, 2006

A Brief Audio Damage Update...

by Chris Randall

I know I've been silent on this particular subject for a couple weeks, but we're in the midst of product dev, and I don't like to talk about something until it is fully working, at least on the Windows side. So I won't be. This one is pretty special, though. It's a new take on our main forte, and should be pretty popular, especially with our customers that do more complex forms of electronic and dance music.

In other news I can't talk about, something else happened that is rather big news, at least in the industry, but I can't say anything until January. So forget I said anything at all, and just spend a couple minutes today being happy for Audio Damage, and leave it at that.



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Oct.21.2006 @ 5:00 PM
Chris Randall
Downpressor, you can always take a shower and change your clothes after. If you're selling MP3s some place, I'll be happy to purchase, though.



Oct.21.2006 @ 9:24 PM

The label I'm using is very "young". They are just about to get stuff on with iTunes Japan and one of the cellphone company's music sites. Really neither me nor the label guy has thought seriously about distribution outside Japan.


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