October 20, 2006

Keytard Day, Pt. 2...

by Chris Randall

Yeah. And it's the same fucking guy. I didn't think it was possible. I guess I could have just called it "Jeffrey Abbot Day" and left it at that. Will someone _please_ teach this guy about quantization? If ever there was a need for it, it's here...




Oct.20.2006 @ 1:06 PM
The whitest instrument ever is the white human voice.
Those guys are cunts. Peace out.

Oct.20.2006 @ 1:25 PM
I might have to disagree here.

If anything, the keytar brings a touch of class to the otherwise dismal happenings in that video.


Oct.20.2006 @ 1:52 PM
Damn! Is that the Jerry Seinfeld bass preset in the background? BTW ? You'll notice that guitarists don't try to cop Moog synth solos or Tony Banks style shit. Why can't these Keytar losers give up trying to be Ymngwi? Ma?lmshte?en?

Oct.20.2006 @ 3:21 PM
i just threw up in my mouth...more than a little!

Oct.20.2006 @ 4:23 PM
all those cows make me hungry.

Oct.20.2006 @ 5:38 PM
Chris Randall
LOL. Now _that_ is a good comment. Boobs gets the gold star for the day.



Oct.20.2006 @ 5:46 PM
Did the girls check their shoes after that shoot?

Oct.20.2006 @ 5:52 PM
No kidding: he is Verne Troyer's twin.

Oct.21.2006 @ 12:11 AM
Don't mess with Texas!

Seriously, that documentary makes it patently clear that they've got more than their fair share of problems to deal with (although I must say they've done a commendable job integrating the mentally handicapped with the rest of their culture), they don't need to catch any shit from you guys on top of everything else. So don't mess with 'em...please.


Oct.21.2006 @ 10:11 AM
it's ckick'n pick'n time!!! yee-haw!!



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