October 14, 2006

Tales from the depths of customer support, Rd. 2 (Fight!)

by Chris Randall

Okay, I know I said in the last go-round that I wouldn't actually put e-mails up from customers, but this is too odd/good to pass up. Plus, judging from the tenor, it's incredibly unlikely the customer in question reads this blog. Anyways, the wife and I went up to Portland today, and when I got back, sitting in the queue was this:

Witch one of your items

Is good for changing your
Voice and also djing because I like to sound crazy on a track I want my voice to sound very crazy I did find the right software yet

Can you please call me on my cell #XXX-XXX-XXXX

Ps the best for my voice to change it thank you very much

Now, this was amusing enough in and of itself. My first impulse was to hit the "Delete" key, since I knew where this was going, but that's just not right. So, instead, I thought a little feeler would be safe. I replied:

You want to look at Discord 2. It can do crazy voice effects.

So, about ten minutes later, I get the following:

How can I get it and can it work with pro tool

And what crazy voice effect it has

Okay. Ummmm. Where do I go with that? I thought it best to nip this right in the bud, because I'm a helpful person (as many of you know that have written the AD or AI contact lines with obtuse/obscure questions, and been rewarded with a 4K missive on some topic or another) but, well, you have to draw the line. So I send back:

I'm sorry, but our products don't work with ProTools.

Now, I know that isn't strictly true, but the other half of the company thought it would be mean to sick him on Angus and FXpansion, and, well, you know. Anyways, a couple minutes later, I'm blessed with the following:

Can I use them on a pc

And how do I use it

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus, give me strength. I'm afraid to reply to that one, and it is 8:00pm on Saturday, after all. Where would you go with that?



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Oct.15.2006 @ 8:29 AM
Actually, that being said, that IS an AD plugin I would buy. :)

Oct.15.2006 @ 12:39 PM
Chris Randall
Yikes. Really? That thing is terrible! And not "cool" terrible like the Radio Shack effects.



Oct.15.2006 @ 12:50 PM
Wade Alin
i'm with frugalpole, give him digi's # and tell him they can explain everything.



Oct.15.2006 @ 2:45 PM

That old Boss voice effects thing has been in production for at least 10 years, 12 years, right? If it is not the exact one, it is very similiar to the old Boss voice changer that has been around since forever.

It might suck (I can't remember what it actually sounds like, to tell the truth) but it is definitly a 'classic'... It is a kind of staple of low budget DJ setups - which is why I think that is the specific effect that the guy is looking for.


Oct.15.2006 @ 2:48 PM
dan s
I like this part of the zzzsounds page:
"This item will NOT connect directly to a phone."

Oct.15.2006 @ 2:52 PM
It looks like something that would be a lot of fun to play with. I know I would have more fun playing with a plugin that cost $35, mapped to the control surface I already have, than I would by shelling out $300+ and going "Argh! This thing sounds like crap..."

If the original sounds crappy, is it reasonable to think AD could make one that doesn't?

It may be a niche device, but I'll cheerfully spend $35-40 on a niche device. It's the kind of thing I might not use on a weekly basis, but would be interesting to have tucked away as a random performance tool.

It has struck me over and over again lately that while the people reading this site have high standards for the quality of the audio we generate, the people in a crowd watching a show on Friday night just want to get worked up. ANYthing that's not another rock and roll cover band or two chicks with acoustic guitars will get you noticed here. That tends to mean that you have "traditional" Friday night bands - be they country, blues, r&b, rock, jazz, metal, punk, etc - and a slew of freak-out bands. There's very little middle ground, where you get a musically talented group of people bringing in some new technologies, new sounds, etc. I've started thinking about a pretty simple sample triggering setup with my laptop and a behringer floor control board. In practice, it's made me wish all this stuff was simpler. I wish my PA speakers sounded as good as my studio monitors. I wish there weren't so many goddamn wires.

I like the idea of individual plugins, with a smallish cpu profile (read: robust, not likely to destroy the whole setup and make my partner play while I reboot the damn computer) sort of "pre-rolled" to do something performance oriented.

My brother and I have discussed building small performance plugins with a pre-chosen set of samples and effects, one each for whatever songs we're doing, in Sonic Birth... for each song performance, you'd load up an AU that was pre-loaded with the samples you wanted, a way to trigger/loop them, and a couple of effects chosen for that song, mapped to the two expression pedals on the floor board. Could probably do this just as well in Live.

Anyway, maybe there would be something to an AD version of a DJ's "crazy voice" effects plugin, something with a bit of a fun attitude about itself... perhaps the interface could look like a rusted, beat up, beer-spilled-upon VT1. :)


Oct.15.2006 @ 3:03 PM
This reminds me of something that happened to me... Im almost never at a loss of words but once I was performing and after the show 3 hot girls come up to me and say:

"We want you to know we don't like you just your music."

Thats the day I realized Im either amazing or a loser.


Oct.15.2006 @ 3:11 PM
Adam Schabtach
"That's fine, I don't like you, just your..."



Oct.15.2006 @ 3:12 PM
I actually looking up the VT-1 to find out more information about it. Seems that a lot of people have used it - but the only ones I recognized were Air, Bjork, and D.I.E.. It has also been in production since 1996 (so my guess was about right).

Also, many companies sell custom modded versions of it that can connect directly to the telephone, hence the "This item will NOT connect directly to a phone" warning on ZZounds.

The one thing I couldn't find was a sample. It is very annoying, as I am curious how the thing actually sounds. I know I have heard it before, but for the life of me can't remember what it sounds like.


Oct.15.2006 @ 5:12 PM
"I am curious how the thing actually sounds."

link [www.soundarc.ne...]">link [www.soundarc.ne...]

I have no idea if thats what it sounds like, but i kinda hope so.


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