October 10, 2006


by Chris Randall

Okay, A/D with a cheapness. I need balanced analog input, AES output. Obviously the M-Audio Flying Cow will fit the bill, but just thinking about buying something where even a penny will end up with the shareholders of Avid gives me the cold sweats; I can't bring myself to do it. Anyone have another option they'd like to expound?


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Oct.10.2006 @ 9:02 PM
How cheap is cheapness? I can't think of anything in the $200 flying cow range, but for around $400 there's the MindPrint DI-MOD.

Oct.10.2006 @ 9:12 PM
Chris Randall
I think that bad boy is only for the Mindprint t00b-a-thon, if I'm not mistaken.



Oct.10.2006 @ 9:18 PM
Who do you hate more, Avid or Behringer? Grab a Behringer Ultramatch Pro SRC2496 for $129.


Oct.10.2006 @ 9:19 PM
How can you argue with this review (from AmericanMusical.com):

"The SCR2496 does what it is advertised to do.It has what I like to call analog smooth and digital clean sound. Very neutral DAC section, but tends to distort when accepting a digital signal, so it is best to decrease the level of the digital feed going out to it. ADC input has good headroom and sound. It is worth the price in my opinion. My recordings are benefiting from the increased audio resolution of this box."


Oct.10.2006 @ 9:26 PM
> I think that bad boy is only for the Mindprint t00b-a-thon, if I'm not mistaken.

Hmm, seems you're right. Pity, I was hoping to spare you the pain of the Avid/Behringer dilemma.


Oct.10.2006 @ 10:05 PM

how about a flying cow from ebay ?
( no money directly to avid )

Oct.10.2006 @ 10:48 PM
I'd get a second hand SEK'D... link [www.dacs-audio.co...]">link [www.dacs-audio.co...]

You can probably get one for ~ $300.


Oct.10.2006 @ 11:29 PM
Depending on your definition of "with a cheapness", there's this: link [www.frontendaudio.co...]">link [www.frontendaudio.co...]

Not what I'd call cheap, but I don't make music for a living.


Oct.10.2006 @ 11:30 PM
Oops, that link goes to the D/A converter.

Oct.10.2006 @ 11:43 PM
Chris Randall
You guys should know better than to even suggest Behringer. I don't care if they pay _me_ $129 to use it, and it is just chock full of techno. There ain't no way.

The Lucid is on my list. Truth be told, I might as well just cowboy up and get the fucking Aurora 8 or Rosetta 800. That'd solve all I/O issues for now and ever. For the interim, however, that Sek'd box might be just the ticket.



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