October 9, 2006

Nice AES Roundup...

by Chris Randall

The Retrosynth blog has a nice post on the various things at AES we would have found interesting, had we attended. This post is almost exactly the same as I would have posted had I gone, with the exception that there isn't a single "fuck" in the whole thing.



Oct.09.2006 @ 12:54 PM
The Bricasti reverb sounded REALLY NICE. I found out more about another reverb on the horizon that sounds interesting...

The API dual EQ looked cool, for someone who doesn't need a whole lunchbox. Two 550s in 1u, with a switch to reduce the size of the steps for mastering purposes.

I decided that I really need to spend some money in the rather un-sexy world of acoustic treatment.


Oct.09.2006 @ 1:11 PM
Chris Randall
I've become fairly convinced that my next Big Purchase is the API A2D. I'll then sell my Brent Averil mic pre and get a pair of Brent Averil 1272s, I guess. Or maybe a Focusrite 428, which I've been eyeing for some time.

I do like the looks of that Bricasti 'verb, though. Very tempting, that.



Oct.09.2006 @ 4:01 PM
Jeremy Cox
That rack is pretty unatractive with all those empty spots

Oct.10.2006 @ 12:40 AM
Dude, that RND 5088 shot is making my eyelids a little twitchy....

link [www.retrosynth.co...]">link [www.retrosynth.co...]


Oct.10.2006 @ 1:15 AM
The A2D seems to be a "nice" bang for the buck, as I believe it can be had for @USD1450 or less. As long as you can sync to 256x superclock, it should be a solid. I'm thinking of getting one to pair with my ULN-2. I'd just like to hear it "driven into saturation" first...too bad the Phoenix Audio DRS and Cranesong Flamingo don't come with digital options. Actually, forget "nice" - compared to them, the A2D is a *fantastic* bang for the buck!

Oct.10.2006 @ 2:35 AM
I'l be sure to AB the convertors against your high end AD on the API A2D,i heard it sounds no more then mid class convertor.

Oct.10.2006 @ 4:22 AM
did anyone hear anything about the new boomerang looper that was rumored to be making an appearance at aes? was that just a rumor?

Oct.10.2006 @ 1:35 PM
Looking around the web, you're right that there doesn't appear to have been much to make you fall out of your chair at AES. I admit I'm a sucker for the looks of those Shadow Hills mic pres, though.

Funniest thing I've seen about AES was on Gearwire, they mentioned that Steely Dan was the most commonly used reference music and that Eddie Van Halen clips were the most commonly heard guitar riffs. I stand humbled at such a forward-looking industry. That and some company was displaying the world's largest transformer just because they could.




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