October 4, 2006

It's not unusual...

by Chris Randall

And people say guitars are phallic. I mean, really now. This is yet another fine example of the "solution in search of a problem" concept. Thrill to the video. Let's go ahead and remove any possibility of expression from the performance, and just whack out monophones at a constant 127 velocity. Let the notes do your talkin', motherfucker!



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Oct.04.2006 @ 3:34 PM
Doesn't look/sound like it's velocity sensitive. So, in exchange for the ability to pose as an axe-slinger, you lose all dynamics. Hmmm...

Oct.04.2006 @ 3:39 PM
All keytar players should be forced to use those. Waist strap sold seperately.

(Man, the guy's going to google himself someday and get very depressed...)


Oct.04.2006 @ 3:40 PM
Guys, this post has been up for nearly an hour. I would've expected a dick joke by now. What gives?

Oct.04.2006 @ 3:43 PM
Mark Foley's got one of these.

Oct.04.2006 @ 3:48 PM
dan s
If it had some kind of means of detecting the way it's held it might have been interesting.

Oct.04.2006 @ 3:53 PM
MUST... NOT... MAKE... "PLAYING WITH SELF" JOKE... self control... self control...

Oct.04.2006 @ 3:56 PM
Nah, the dick jokes are just too obvious.

Oct.04.2006 @ 4:32 PM
you mean like "that guy sure smokes pole"


Oct.04.2006 @ 4:38 PM
FINALLY a digeridoo with a midi port!

Oct.04.2006 @ 6:05 PM
And I though this was gonna be about Tom Jones!

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