August 8, 2005

Good idea? Maybe not...

by Chris Randall

So Peter over at the Create Digital Music blog came across this site, where this guy rack-mounts an NES. This, in and of itself, is kind of, well, not that cool. However, Peter made what is perhaps a mistake. He said the following:

"you should be able to do what this fellow did and cram your eBayed NES into a 1U rack mount. Then, add MIDINES, a custom cartridge for MIDI output. [...] Anyone who pulls this off, I will personally give you . . . oh, I don't know, I'll find some kind of prize. You can have my Nintendo DS or something."

Well, I don't know about the "or something," but I'll be glad to take your Nintendo DS off your hands shortly. One rack-mounted MIDI-NES coming up. Peter, I prefer USPS Priority Mail.




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