September 29, 2006

As if I didn't have enough shit...

by Chris Randall

Those of you that are quick like little bunnies might have noted that there was an MKS-80 for sale on Analogue Haven's used page for a minute today. I say "was" because I bought that bitch. I've been wanting one of these for nigh on 20 years, and I finally knuckled down and got one. Now I need to scare up an MPG-80, I guess. I can live without it, of course, but it'd be nice to have. (Oh, it's a Rev 5, for those of you curious about such things.)



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Sep.30.2006 @ 3:20 AM
I used to do MKS80 backups with Soundiver, but unfortunately I remember SD not having a tone editor, it was only performance parameters one was able to reach...

Sep.30.2006 @ 6:57 AM
There's a guy who sells an environment for Logic that replicates the function of the MPG, with a few added features for $20. I've used it, it works, and it has the benefit of putting the upper/lower buttons right in front of you. Pretty cool if you happen to use Logic.

Regarding TheTwlo's comments, I may be wrong but from what I remember the MKS-80 uses the same 4 voice cards as the Jupiter 8, so I don't really understand how the Jupiter 8 could sound better?

I bought my mks80/mpg80 from a music store here in LA right after the 1994 earthquake. The guy sold both for $600 because the MPG was smashed and "couldn't be fixed", according to their tech. The pc board inside was split in two, so i clamped it back together and used 30 wires to reconnect the traces. It's still got a dent in the front panel, but I've been using it for the past 12 years. I love this synth!


Sep.30.2006 @ 8:40 AM
I seem to remember you saying you were a Nuendo user, in which case, this mks-80 midi panel might be of interest to you:

link []">link []


Sep.30.2006 @ 9:35 AM
penzoil washington
i also think the J6 sounds better, & find the 80 sterile & dry for my purposes

Sep.30.2006 @ 11:41 AM
Chris Randall
There's quite a bit of misinformation about this subject out there. I have a _lot_ of experience with all three synths, and let me state for the record (and future Google searches from Underworld cover bands 20 years hence) that the following is true:

A Rev 4 MKS80 and a Jupiter 6 are almost exactly the same. The only significant difference is that the MKS80 has 16 oscillators, filters, and VCAs, where the Jupiter 6 has 12.

A Rev 5 MKS80 is kind of its own thing. Roland replaced the CEM chips it used for the OSCs, VCFs, and VCAs with chips of its own devising. It is still true analog. However, it sounds a bit different due to the different chips. A tiny bit thinner, as there's less CEM distortion overall.

Anyone that says an MKS80 is a rackmount Jupiter 8 is quite simply wrong. Personally, of the four synths, I prefer the Jupiter 8. However, not only is it not worth the money it commands these days, but they're fucking huge and heavy. My second favorite is the Rev 5 MKS80, conveniently. As far as what will ultimately end up on a CD, the consumer won't know the difference, so the entire conversation is moot. The net result of all four synths is basically the same: monster sync leads and fat-ass pads. It's what you have the most fun playing that is important.



Sep.30.2006 @ 11:43 AM
Chris Randall
Oh, and Rozzer, that's exactly what I needed. I knew there was something like that out there. Thanks for that.



Sep.30.2006 @ 1:12 PM
Ya the MKS80 is a sweet synth, especially for the money. Ive used my friends REV5 and was very impressed. I have a jp6 to compare it too and it definently has a little thinner sound. I would have to agree with some of the previous posts that the mpg80 is okay, but not really worth the money. The resolution on the controlls can definently be annoying if you arent accoustomed to them.

Sep.30.2006 @ 1:44 PM
I use mine with a Peavey 1600X. It works well (3 pages of 16 faders+knobs, but it's laid out pretty logically). I saw this a while ago too, looks rather interesting:

link []">link []


Sep.30.2006 @ 3:50 PM
that nuendo midi panel is awesome looking. wish i had that..

Sep.30.2006 @ 3:50 PM
Chris Randall
You can use it in Cubase, as well.



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