September 27, 2006

Chock Full Of Moogy Goodness...

by Chris Randall

As you can clearly see, my Analog Effect is 6/7ths done. There's just an MF-104Z-shaped hole in the upper right, and I'll get that bad boy as soon as I have some fiscal ducks to put in a row. I got the second panel from Analogue Haven today.

As you can see, I wired the Effect with a George L's pedalboard wiring kit from Pedal Geeks. This is a $60 kit and comes with 10 really nice brass jacks, 10' of excellent coax, and 10 little rubber thingies that go over the end of the jacks. It may sound kind of expensive, but when you consider that I needed five cables of differrent lengths, and any cable worth a shit costs at least $13 (I normally use Monster patch cables) then it was actually right in line with normal pricing, with the added benefit that everything is the right length, so there's no extra loops of cable.
If you have to wire up several things that aren't going to change with 1/4" TS cable, I strongly recommend it.

Anywho, as soon as I get the delay, this bad boy will be done. A single suitcase containing everything I need to completely ruin a Rhodes' tone. I'm not too hip to that Dyna-Comp; I'm going to make a modded Orange Squeezer to go in its place eventually.



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Sep.27.2006 @ 2:30 PM
dam, I cant even imagine what that rig is gonna sound like. Hmm I really wanna try out some z-vex stuff. Do you have any of their other gear?

Sep.27.2006 @ 2:50 PM
so sweet! But would it make more sense to have the control processor down next to the rack o' moogers? seems like youdcover up everything inbetween with patches.

I've been smitten with the idea getting LFLJ pedal but on an impulse i bought a huge accordion this morning, so thats out of the question for another week or so.

on a side note..... Man New York is a motherfucker of a city to live in when you're an impulsive instrument buyer. where else this side of Sheboygan Wisconsin are you going to wake up decide you want an accordion find an accordion shop that has a shitload of accordions and buy one?

simple.... dude.


Sep.27.2006 @ 3:06 PM
Chris Randall
Since this will be primarily for live performance, it won't be patched and repatched en situ. Thus, the patch cables will run through the backplane hole above the delay, then down out through the appropriate holes in the backplane for the others. My main reasoning here was that I'd need to reach the LFLJ, but not the CP251; hence I put it closer.

All neat and tidy is the word for this.



Sep.27.2006 @ 4:56 PM
Are you using good old velcro or are those things actually screwed in there?

Sep.27.2006 @ 5:06 PM
Chris Randall
Right now they're velcroed. As soon as I make a trip to the hardware store, they'll be screwed in. I need longer screws than the ones that are in the units.



Sep.27.2006 @ 9:41 PM
Aenemone Carbuncler
always wanted the LFLJ... but never been able to try one out.
any examples? Chris, anyone else? i've heard the zvex samples... maybe i just gotta get my hands on one and see if it's for me.

Sep.27.2006 @ 9:48 PM
Darren S.
i own a fuzz probe & ooh wah --- i luv 'em.
only problem is they are stupid pricey in Canada, eh.
tried the LFLJ once & thought it was good fun, very analog type fidelity like the MXR delay i own. not too noisy just kinda gritty/unclear.

Chris, i thought u weren't going for the Moog delay? atleast i seem to recall those comments in one of the past posts.

also, it took me awhile to get use to my dyna-clump, but i kinda like it now. i use it pretty much everytime i play electric.



Sep.27.2006 @ 9:54 PM
Chris Randall
Darren: I had thought the Moog delay was kind of a joke, 'til I tried one out at Old Town Music. That, plus people I respect telling me it was the business convinced me. Plus, it'll just look better sitting there.

Twlo: Personally, I think it's great. "Lo Fi" isn't a misnomer. It's fantastic for what it does. Good loops can be had a' plenty with proper looping pedals; this ain't one of those. It's one of those inspirational pieces. I like doing a cool chord progression or rhythm low on the keyboard, looping it, then switching in some effects and comping/soloing over the top.


Sep.27.2006 @ 11:57 PM
Is this (the LFLJ) going to be the next AD plug-in by any chance?

Sep.28.2006 @ 12:10 AM
penzoil washington
Been meaning to ask: how are you liking the Korg 770?

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