September 25, 2006

OASYS okay...

by Chris Randall

All right. I'll admit that I had my doubts about the OASYS synth. I'll still stand by my feeling that it costs about 2.5x as much as it should, if it was to enjoy any measure of success (I'm sure I'll be taken to task by the various Korg employees that read and comment on this site for that, as there are some expensive parts in it.) But that said, I just got done watching _all_ the KARMA videos here and am left with the feeling that I would really be much better off if I had an OASYS.

I know that is just gearlust talking, but I don't think that anyone, love it or hate it, would say that the OASYS isn't the single most powerful hardware synth available today. That makes it an object of lust, despite its price tag. I mean, I'd like an Aston Martin DB7 too. But I just bought a Dodge Caliber, because while I have DB7 tastes, I have a Caliber budget.



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Oct.03.2006 @ 1:28 PM
brandon daniel
Gah, just seeing this now due to rss feed issues.

You're weirding me out, Chris. First you're drooling over the product I work on (OASYS), then you mention how you just bought the car I've had my eye on.

Anyhow, no freebies on the OASYS (those parts really *are* expensive, industrial motherboard, 10" color vga touchscreen, lotsa metal, etc. Note that it's only about 2x the price of a triton studio), but I'm sure you'd get a big shit-eating grin if you got your hands on one with the MS20/Polysix models (I know I did).

It's amazing how much more flexible they are when they're A) not chewing up your DAW's horsepower and B) using a whole bunch of new lfos/egs/patchpoints that the software and originals lacked.

Note that this is all personal opinion, not corpo-shilling, I don't play that game.


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