September 25, 2006

OASYS okay...

by Chris Randall

All right. I'll admit that I had my doubts about the OASYS synth. I'll still stand by my feeling that it costs about 2.5x as much as it should, if it was to enjoy any measure of success (I'm sure I'll be taken to task by the various Korg employees that read and comment on this site for that, as there are some expensive parts in it.) But that said, I just got done watching _all_ the KARMA videos here and am left with the feeling that I would really be much better off if I had an OASYS.

I know that is just gearlust talking, but I don't think that anyone, love it or hate it, would say that the OASYS isn't the single most powerful hardware synth available today. That makes it an object of lust, despite its price tag. I mean, I'd like an Aston Martin DB7 too. But I just bought a Dodge Caliber, because while I have DB7 tastes, I have a Caliber budget.



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Sep.26.2006 @ 4:38 AM
ugh, a caliber? I dont wanna be hatin, but why? Its like some mini weird suv thingy? Did your wife dig it?

Sep.26.2006 @ 5:37 AM
I have never lusted for any car that much until I saw the photo of the new Audi A5 coupe:

link []">link []



Sep.26.2006 @ 6:03 AM
I thought the Karma was the shit until I had one for a couple months. The GUI sucked so bad that it was impossible to make any new karma sounds beyond the presets. Now it's just good for cheesy Triton sounds.

Sep.26.2006 @ 10:37 AM
penzoil washington
what about that sexy little keyboard with a PC in it.... Neko? Don't know much about it but they say you can use it as a 7.1 home entertainment system when not making hits har har.

Sep.26.2006 @ 12:26 PM
Chris Randall
A) I give so little fuck about what anyone thinks of what car I bought as to make this entire sentence unnecessary.

(This is a good time to mention, to those of you that don't know, that next to every single post in the higher access version of this site is a link labeled "KILL". I'm literally one click away from never seeing someone's sorry ass again. It's no trouble at all.)

B) I've never used the original Karma, let alone this one. If I'm mistaken in my lust, I'd like to know about it. I had thought that the original Karma was just a Triton with extra shit. The Triton is easy enough to program, and I thought the Karma jank was just layed on top, as it is in the OASYS. Is this not the case?



Sep.26.2006 @ 3:04 PM
For that kind of money i rather have a massive sound designprocessing tool like the S.S Kyma

Sep.26.2006 @ 8:31 PM
If anything they weigh each other out. The way shit is layed out on the gui of the Triton is much more user friendly.Banks are all set up different and more organized on Triton, touchscreen ,arpeggiator, and sampler all which Karma lacks. However Triton lacks the Karma functions and all the GE fun stuff. Sequencers are identical though. Never used a Triton rack but I wonder if it has the same GUI as Karma just with green LCD. But yeah ,the factory sounds are identical(except for the some of the Karma'd the fuck out presets). I just picked up a Karma off of Craigslist dirt fucken cheap!
Shit if I had the money for an Oaysys I'd probably decline and get everything else on my lust want list.

Sep.26.2006 @ 8:35 PM
..oh and you can get Karma functions on the Triton from Karmalab.

Sep.26.2006 @ 8:36 PM
The KARMA functions are actually integrated tightly with the Triton synthesis parameters, not just laid on top. That's why the software version of KARMA requires a Triton. Stephen Kay also offers a program called KARMA MW that provides a better GUI for the Karma. (KARMA = the technology; Karma = the keyboard.)

When I reviewed the Karma for EM, I found it inspiring, although the hardware was compromised: link []">link []


Sep.26.2006 @ 9:33 PM
The Karma math engine is interesting and actually very musical. If you find one cheap, it's a fun toy. It will output midi and can be externally recorded (it sounds a lot better on my DSI PEK). The KARMA GUI software from Stephen Kay requires a Karma 'dongle' to be attached. It would a lot more fun if it was sold standalone.

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