September 21, 2006

NAMM & AES Rumors!

by Chris Randall

Heh. Made you look. Seriously, though, I was flirting with the idea of going to AES, since it's such a short drive and all, but I think I've changed my mind. I'll definitely be at NAMM, though. I've heard some juicy shit, but nothing I can repeat, unfortunately. At least, until I see someone else repeat it, then I'll be a repeatin' motherfucker.

In any case, has anyone heard any tidbits of good stuff? And I don't mean a PRS with dildo inlays or a Relics version of the first post-CBS strat. I mean good stuff...



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Sep.21.2006 @ 6:46 AM
Pmi audio has some new stuff to show.

Sep.21.2006 @ 9:52 AM
On the topic of new stuff, are you any closer to saying what the next AD plug-in will be?

Sep.21.2006 @ 9:54 AM
And by the way, don't lnow if you know this, but the banner announcing Reverence on the AD site still says "coming soon"...

Sep.21.2006 @ 11:19 AM
Adam Schabtach
We're only closer in the sense that time has passed, and someday we will say what it will be.



Sep.21.2006 @ 11:37 AM
Hah, I knew that rumor would haunt you.

Sep.21.2006 @ 11:41 AM
Chris Randall
Reload the AD front page. The banner doesn't say "coming soon." Your cache does.



Sep.21.2006 @ 1:08 PM
Last year i heard Moog is working on a polyphonic synth. I wonder how long it will take until we will see one .

Sep.21.2006 @ 3:06 PM
Jim Williams will have a new Rhodes preamp to present @ NAMM.

and i'll be there, presenting and demonstrating for Ableton and Cycling '74/Jazz Mutant.


Sep.21.2006 @ 3:21 PM
"Reload the AD front page. The banner doesn't say "coming soon." Your cache does."

I clear the cache on a regular basis, and indeed have only recently reformatted my pc...the image still states "coming soon"

link [img459.imageshack.u...]">link [img459.imageshack.u...]

maybe you forgot to replace the "teaser" image?


Sep.21.2006 @ 3:39 PM
Chris Randall
No, I didn't. It's the first thing I do. Believe me when I say that you're caching the image, or your ISP is.


Oh. Fuck. I thought you meant the orange bar. I guess I forgot to change the coming soon to a price. Good eye; thanks.



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