September 8, 2006

Odd question...

by Chris Randall

Dear Lazyweb:

Name me a 3U (or less) true analog synth that is like 8.5cm deep or less. I have an odd-sized space to fill. I think that the Evenfall Mini Modular would work in this context; problem is they're rare as hens teeth. Something of which more than six were made would be nice.

(And since everyone is on an accuracy kick lately, as if this site was actual journalism, by "six" I mean "a few." You guys can be literal as fuck sometimes. There's no doubt in my mind that without this mea culpa, the first post would be "Uh, Chris, there were exactly 42 Evenfall Mini Modulars made!")



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Sep.08.2006 @ 1:24 AM
Vermona M.A.R.S. and the M.A.R.S. Control!



Sep.08.2006 @ 1:29 AM
If the form factor (and price) is more important than being a "true" analog synth then I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a Waldorf Pulse. It's not fully analog but it definately has that vibe/sound IMHO. Three oscs, good filter, and decent mod matrix make a pretty flexible monosynth. The downside is that programming via the front panel can be annoying. I use a cheap MIDI knob box for that.

Sep.08.2006 @ 1:55 AM
Chris Randall
The Pulse is less than 3.5" deep? I thought it was deeper than that. Interesting. And cheap, too. Hmmm.

As for the M.A.R.S., that's another thought, although I find them to be on the thin side. The Pulse definitely doesn't have that problem.



Sep.08.2006 @ 2:18 AM
the mars and pulse are totally different. the pulse is cool and quite capable. great for basses especially. i had a lot of fun w/mine. should've kept it.

a friend got amars a while back and gets really great sounds out of it. it's way more "techno" to me. i liked it. a lot of weird modulation routings and cross mod etc.

i think they'd both be useful.


Sep.08.2006 @ 4:57 AM
I don't still have one to measure, but the Pulse is certainly fairly shallow. As far as I remember, there's a lot of spare space in the box, too - it has an external PSU, so it's basically one board with the knobs mounted on it, and a little I/O board with the midi/audio jacks. I did find programming a chore, though - compared with the Evolver, which is a much easier-to-use mod matrix.

Sep.08.2006 @ 7:39 AM
when I think shallow , the first thing that comes to mind are those newish Cwejman modules.

link []">link []
link []">link []

the second thing I think is eurorack.


Sep.08.2006 @ 11:23 AM
Studio Electronics SE-1X

link []">link []

3u, 8" deep, Minimoog, juicy.

Custom Graphics available upon request.


Sep.08.2006 @ 11:28 AM
I first thought of the SE-1X, too, but 8 inches and 8.5 cm are very different things.

Sep.08.2006 @ 11:31 AM
I'd check out one of thise, if they ever make it to the states. not analog though...

link []">link []


Sep.08.2006 @ 12:09 PM
cwejman s2

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