September 7, 2006

'Nuff Said...

by Chris Randall

Okay, we've decided what we're going to do for the next AD product. I'm not going to say what it is until we have a working proof-of-concept, but suffice to say it was mentioned in the previous topic of conversation, and is a real, existing, current piece of hardware. We've contacted the manufacturer, and they were agreeable to our terms, so the ball is rolling.

So, to work. We should have something to look at next week.



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Sep.07.2006 @ 8:36 PM
When are you mailing our NFR request forms?

Sep.07.2006 @ 11:29 PM
its a diamond dave emulator isn't it?! yes!

Sep.07.2006 @ 11:43 PM
Diamond Dave vs. JP22.

Sep.08.2006 @ 12:29 AM
Chris Randall
A Diamond Dave emulator would have two knobs: suck and stupid, and one button, labeled "STFU"



Sep.08.2006 @ 12:32 AM
STFU, i.e. "bypass"

Sep.08.2006 @ 1:57 AM
>> In my dreams, you contacted Emperical Labs about the Fatso or Distressor...

I had the very same dream! didn't even bother to suggest it...

Whatever the new AD plug is, I'm sure it's gonna be super-cool otherwise Chris and Adam wouldn't bother...



Sep.08.2006 @ 3:09 AM
I still think that the Marshall 5002 Time Modulator would fit your product line nicely ;)

It's the secret gem of many late 70's and early 80's productions :)


Sep.08.2006 @ 12:15 PM
D' MacKinnon
If there's a DD emulator the "suck" button needs to go to 11. And not move.

Sep.08.2006 @ 5:39 PM
"A Diamond Dave emulator would have two knobs: suck and stupid, and one button, labeled "STFU"" - CR

i think this sounds like the next Metasonix project !!!! i cant wait ! that's gonna suck worse than the butt probe and agonizer multiplied.


Sep.08.2006 @ 6:46 PM
Ok, sorry this is a bit late but the one bit of hardware no one has
plugified & which i use often is a dbx subharmonic synth...

link []">link []

I have a 120XP & as opposed to simply boosting bass/low end
the dbx unit generates it by smoothly pitching the signal an octave
lower & then giving you control as to the amount of harmonics,
or subharmonics in this case...
If you havent played with one, as soon as you do you will have a
little zen enlightenment moment as to the familiar booming tone
of many night club sound systems etc...
& yet no one has emulated this - the Waves bass plug is impotent
in comparison, the dbx can fry subwoofers if used recklessly!
And I know a few PA hire companys that have theirs hidden
behind blank panels as their secret weapon....
Its also a device that is used in most of the big film mixing stages
for the boom factor in sound FX/design...

so if its not your immediate next plug please consider it for the one after...
you need a good sub to appreciate it, but with more hosts
supporting 5.1 its a very nice way to add harmonic .1 material
to the mix.....

hmmm after all the requests for a spring reverb I think I might
make a definitive impulse response set of my AKG spring reverb...
Imho the best thign about it is the parametric EQ that really lets
you tune the resonance of the spring to the tune...




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