September 5, 2006


by Chris Randall

We're starting to think about the next Audio Damage product, and as always, we're interested in what the masses want. Got a particular piece of hardware you'd like to see in a plugin format? Is there some whacky idea you've had that needs to be a plug? Let us know in the comments.

It is worth noting that a filter was asked for in the last Reverence thread, and we had some discussion about this. Both Adam and I are under the impression that there are a lot of fucking filters out there, and the world wouldn't necessarily be a better place with another one in it. I've been pondering doing an MS20 filter, something which hasn't been done in software to the point where it's worth using, but that'd be a tricky little bitch. So, comments to that end are appreciated as well.



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Sep.05.2006 @ 7:00 PM
Probably too whacky to sell, but there's something interesting about the ring mod/Bode shifter. The Zvex Ringtone is interesting, and I use the bode module on the G2 a lot - fantastic on guitar when modulated with a slow LFO, interesting on drums.

Similarly with G2 playing, stereo bitcrushers with envelope followers are nice.

Otherwise, I'd second an AMS which can nail the Prince 'Kiss' bassline.


Sep.05.2006 @ 7:01 PM
Or bite the bullet and do a synth. Something lofi and digital along the lines of ESQ-1, Prophet VS.

Sep.05.2006 @ 7:21 PM
I still want AD to make a filter.
Yeah there's a lot of them out there, but there is a reason that I'm on this thread asking you guys to do one. Because you would do it right.

I also second the tape saturation plug suggestion.
I use Magneto when I need to, but I have to run 2 or three in a chain to get the saturated sound I'm after. I think there are other PC Tape sim VST options, but nothing I know of (not counting Vintage Warmer) for Mac. Maybe there's a good one I don't know about?

A spring verb is also a great idea.


Sep.05.2006 @ 7:22 PM
How about branching out into something really different like a s'ware version of the Notron:

link []">link []


Sep.05.2006 @ 7:23 PM
Three suggestions:

1.) Steiner Synthacon filter (with all three HP/BP/LP inputs).

2. ) CGS Bi-N-Tic Filter (I can guarantee you, this would be unique). Do you build your software around an analog circuit model, or just by ear? If it's model based, then the circuit diagram might be enough to start from.

Info on the Bi-N-Tic and Steiner filters here: link [www.cgs.synt]">link []

3.) A nebuliser ala audiomulch, or a granular effects algo ala crusher-x. For some reason, I have never liked the way that Crusher-x sounds - I love it in theory, just not in practise.


Sep.05.2006 @ 7:41 PM
Chris Randall
Okay, to save the trouble of having this come up repeatedly, a spring reverb is virtually impossible to do in software. That's why there aren't any good ones. The company that could hack it will be able to take that idea to the bank, for sure. But it's unlikely to be hacked any time soon. That's a lot of math to model. So that's off the table for now.

We're familiar with the Bi-N-Tic and Steiner filters from CGS. I believe Adam has the former, if not the latter, in his modular. Personally, they don't do anything for me.

The tape saturation plug sounds like a good idea, and it's only one step away from a tape delay. Something to think about, anyways.

The multi-tap delay idea is the most obvious; we have some really good delay blocks, plus the diffusion necessary to pull off the "reverb" portion of the Space Station, compliments of the modelling work on Reverence. We've been looking for a reasonably priced Space Station for some time. Perhaps I should kick that search up a notch.

We're not going to do a synth, at least not yet.



Sep.05.2006 @ 7:44 PM
Muff Wiggler
if you do a synth, you should do something fizmo-alike. that's something that just hasn't been nailed yet.

would you consider doing a midi processor or MFX sort of deal? it would be cool to see a modular type realtime midi processor where you could set up all sorts of different midi transformations


Sep.05.2006 @ 7:55 PM
Adam Schabtach
MIDI processors are out, as far as I'm concerned. Too few hosts support them to make them worthwhile to build, and they remind me too much of my Cycling '74 days.

The one Notron I saw in person was so incredibly arcane to use that I lost interest pretty quickly, and I've read all sorts of horror stories about them dying in the hands of their owners after the company went out of business that I doubt that's a viable project. If we could find one, we'd never be able to tell whether or not it works correctly, and if it didn't, we'd be SOL. Besides, it's a MIDI processor; see above.

I have the Steiner CGS filter. I've passed up the Bi-N-Tic because 1) I wasn't entirely happy with the Steiner CGS design (e.g. I had to graft on a whole new CV processing section to get it to work right) and 2) everything I've heard about the Bi-N-Tic makes me not want one. I actually had a PCB for it but sold it unbuilt.

In the early days of AD I built a frequency shifter (in software). It was supposed to be part of a larger product which we never finished, but it might be worth dusting off the frequency shifter portion...

Brandon, of course you'd say that the KLC has the MS-20 filter covered adequately. ;-)

Doing something inspired-by the SST-282 has been on my wish list for a long time, but as CR said we've had trouble locating a unit to work from.

Keep 'em coming, folks!



Sep.05.2006 @ 8:00 PM
For what it's worth, I'd like to see you guys head a bit more leftfield with a new device (or two). Ie, if you choose to do a multitap delay, rather than just modelling a hardware unit why not push it to the extreme? (allow 3-500% of the 'natural' values on some of the knobs compared to normal, cross modulation features that didn't exist in the original or whatever).


Sep.05.2006 @ 8:02 PM
I would definitely like to see an Audio Damage Ursa Major Space Station SST-282... would be a beautiful thing to behold.

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