September 5, 2006


by Chris Randall

We're starting to think about the next Audio Damage product, and as always, we're interested in what the masses want. Got a particular piece of hardware you'd like to see in a plugin format? Is there some whacky idea you've had that needs to be a plug? Let us know in the comments.

It is worth noting that a filter was asked for in the last Reverence thread, and we had some discussion about this. Both Adam and I are under the impression that there are a lot of fucking filters out there, and the world wouldn't necessarily be a better place with another one in it. I've been pondering doing an MS20 filter, something which hasn't been done in software to the point where it's worth using, but that'd be a tricky little bitch. So, comments to that end are appreciated as well.



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Sep.07.2006 @ 12:09 AM
i d be curious to see the result of a "proper" poll done for this.

(i hope tape effect wins)


Sep.07.2006 @ 12:21 AM
although i hope you guys come up with something none here has thought of )

Sep.07.2006 @ 12:22 AM
here's some More:

vocoder....ring mod..... really?
for what it's worth, i've noticed that most non-"electronic" music does not make active frequent use of vocoders.
plus, the fact that it's just not gonna happen (it seems).
I think that since we hopefully all still record real instruments that exist in air, also, sometimes, it would be nice (more useful) to have something that would be used more often. AD are better/as good as everything out there, so hell, i want it from them.
(I have dubstation, and it's on almost everything)

compressors are boring, i guess, but i can't think of anything i use more often, except subtractive eq, but that really has been done. A great compressor model would do more for the sound of everyone's (everyone's) mixes than anything else. and inovation could be the selling point.
how about adding the choice of tempo-synched note values to the time settings? (attack, release, maybe include a gate?)
the ability to easily time the dynamics to the track, especially in very small increments, would improve many mixes. maybe give it the option to be sidechained, if possible, or multi-band? (but less important, if you...) add a simple pre and post EQ (maybe two parametric bands and a high and low shelf/pass) to the plug, and we'd be able to shape it further, make it exciting again. motown vocals, fat leads, great snares, etc...
this sort of "basic" plugin is not available at this point. it would still be simple and clean, but new and incredibly useful.

my other big vote would be for a tape saturation emulator, but actually, that could be part of the ultimate compressor thingy.
The ADT is also WAY up there, although different. about the most useful thing possible though, for, y'know, "vibe."

all that said,
why not add one more obnoxious request: make a tel-ray oil can delay that really does it.

yeah. thanks.


Sep.07.2006 @ 12:39 AM
whoops, i forgot the All Important wet/dry mix parameter.

Sep.07.2006 @ 12:49 AM
four on the floor,

i like your ideas )


Sep.07.2006 @ 2:33 AM
nee cap
I'd also love to see you do an FX version of the EMS Synthi...There's nothing much like it in software (a couple of synth edit freebies that are far from perfect and another synth edit thing at a bout 300 euros!) and I think it would sell very well. Any chance of you doing something like that (should I mention it has a ring mod ;) ?


Sep.07.2006 @ 3:50 AM
I dunno if this even is possible, but theoreticly it should be, with audio to gate connections etc. (im no coder, but a modular'er..:) )

Anyway, ive been wanting some kind of efx that it similar to that Basis funktion on the Waldorf PPG. Some kind of effect that randomizes the signals pan positions, and where u can set a few different modes of unison in the end of the chain.

It makes some juicy stereo effect!

There are some nice Chorus'es out there, but nothing like the above mentioned. Its really something different indeed.

Just a thought to join in with the others..


Sep.07.2006 @ 4:53 AM
I used to use the vocoders in Cubase all the time - I never used it for singing through, but used if for mashing drums into guitars and vice versa, running it on a send just to add a touch of sizzle and shimmer to things.
Now I use ableton most of the time, and there isn't one. Setting them up in VST was always a pain, though - perhaps if you include internal oscillators (maybe a step-sequenced chord-player?) so it will work as a normal plugin - with the option to route a carrier signal into it if your host can bear it.

And a +1 for a robot voice speaker, with a knobby speech synth engine - a knob for formant shift, length of characters, attack/decay etc - Another interesting thing would be the way to trigger different characters. It could turn MIDI notes into ASCII codes, or you could have a 16-step one-letter-on-each step sequencer?


Sep.07.2006 @ 8:30 AM
if you do something like the lofi loop junky, there are some features I would really love to see, mostly inspired by playing with a friend's cocolase (peter b's new box). namely, being able to control the pitch/speed of recording and playback like by changeing the speed on a tape loop. In addition to that, what would make it unique (except for the cocolase) would be if you could send mod inputs into the speed and direction controls. so you could have an lfo controlling whether it was playing forwards or backwards, or controlling the playback or record pitch/speeds.

Sep.07.2006 @ 9:37 AM
nee cap
If it is going to be some kind of looper (which I would definitely be interested in), would you be able to include a waveform display and have loop start and end markers that could be moved in real-time by mouse, lfo, automation?

Also, in addition to forward and reverse, how about a bi-directional option?


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