August 29, 2006


by Chris Randall

Okay, I'm working on Analog Rack V2, which will replace my (now gone) Blacet modular in stage performances for knob twiddling and stuff. I decided to build it around Moogerfoogers, because they have nice big knobs. I'm using one of those SKB flip-up 12-space things that all the Serge folks use, because it is convenient for my purposes. (Like so.)

I've only just started building, and I've reached an impasse of sorts. I've got the Moogerfooger LPF of course, and I got the ring mod. The rack unit that Moog sells (and which I just received today from Analogue Haven) holds three of the little fuckers. The question is: which one do I get for the third slot? The choices are MURF, phaser, and analog delay. That should be an easy choice, except the delay costs twice as much as the other two, and live I'll almost certainly be using Dubstation for all my delay needs. So, I'm really thinking either MURF or the phaser.

Any particular reason I should get the phaser instead of the MURF? I can't think of one off the top of my head, but there's a lot of people reading this blog that own one or both of these pedals, and who might have some insight in to why one is more appropo than the other.

To satisfy the obvious curiosity, the other things the rack will have are fuzz, distortion, compressor (all handmade by me), a CP251, a small mixer/router, and AES->analog->AES. I _may_ add a MIDI->CV convertor so I can give the pedals some presets, but I haven't decided for sure about that yet.



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Sep.01.2006 @ 12:23 PM
I own both the phaser and the newest delay and I'll try to give an accurate commentary... other than "I own it... it must be great".

The sound/flexibility of these units is just incredible. I bought the phaser for my modular and started messing around with it and its timbres are more than your typical phaser. You can get very smooth... almost chorus-like effects all the way to the typical woosh and whirl attributed to phasers. And its relatively quiet (compared to the EH boxes) when in bypass mode.

The AD is really cool. I have DD's... and they really don't compare. There is definitely a different sound from the analog delay. The CV control is really nice and adds to the flexibility.

Downside... they are pedals. The jacks are on the back forcing someone using it w/ a synth vs. guitar to purchase a patch bay for the things. You have to mess with the levels if you're interfacing with non-Mooger gear... the input LED is this funky green-orange-red indicator. And its annoying trying to determine "is it redish orange or orangeish or...". Though your ears will obviously let you know since they do distort if you overload the input.


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