August 28, 2006

Whew! (#1)

by Chris Randall

All this week, I'll be throwing video that has SMPTE. Ho, ho, ho. Seriously though, all this week, I'll be putting up classic soul performances that make your arm hairs stand up. First up is Aretha Franklin's stunning performance of "Dr. Feelgood" at her 68 Premier televised concert. This is one of those performances that absolutely defines the word "soul." Aretha may be all god-bless-this and jesus-loves-me-that nowadays, but she was a dirty, dirty little girl back in the day. And no fuckin' around at the piano, either. Dig those mighty gospel runs.




Aug.29.2006 @ 4:41 AM
Muff Wiggler
"make your arm hairs stand up"

that just about sums it up.... this here folks is THE SHIT

makes me sad for what's happened to soul, to performance, to the whole concept of "that girl can SING"

thanks Chris. Load us up with some more of that good shit.

wow, makes me wish i could sing like a motherfucker, just open the pipes and RIP

hahaha except i can't lol



Aug.29.2006 @ 8:14 AM
Thanks man, that took care of some of my pains and my ills.



Aug.29.2006 @ 11:28 AM
This reminds me of the brief period I spent trying to convince people that if everyone in the world stopped once a day to listen to some Aretha Franklin, world peace would soon folow.

Aug.29.2006 @ 4:55 PM
Either that, or a whole lot of gettin' down and into some serious lovin'.

Hmm, might be the same thing.




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