August 28, 2006

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by Chris Randall

Meet the Pikasso guitar. Apparently, this was originally commissioned by Paid-By-The-Note ambassador Pat Matheny, not Rick Nielson as one might think at first glance. There are 42 strings. One would assume that once you got done tuning it, you wouldn't feel like playing any more. I'm sure it sounds quite nice and all, as Linda Manzer is no slouch viz. making guitars, but the way I look at it, if Django only needed 6 strings, well, you get my drift. Product page is here.



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Aug.28.2006 @ 3:57 PM
Ah the great Boston Music School legends. I went to school down the road at the new england conservatory. We had one that Wynton Marsalis challeneged an student to a fist fight during a masterclass, supposidly the student took him to task about being a 'lil on the conservative side. Wynton responded by telling him to take out his horn and show him what he means. When the student declined Wynton then asked him if he wanted to step outside and rolled up he sleaves.

Of course this happened a "year or two" before anyone who told the story began throwing away there money in that wretched institution. Is it true, probably not, I love the idea of a mastercass master being overall menacing and threatening.


Aug.28.2006 @ 4:26 PM
isaac newton was a TRUE genius. pat metheney is not a genius. people throw that word around a little too much. anything i've ever heard from metheney is just as sterile and ass piss inducing as kenny g. i'm sure the guy is wicked talented but i just dont appreciate his music. that's all subjective i guess.

you think pat ever sat in w/paul anka? ;)

link []">link []

anyway- ridiculous it may seem but i think people should build all the weird instruments they want for whatever reason.


Aug.28.2006 @ 4:52 PM
The D-beam version is out 2007 NAMM!!!!

Aug.28.2006 @ 7:02 PM
Chris Randall
"pat metheny is probably the most dynamic and artistic jazz guitarist of the period 1980-now."

Are you fucking kidding me? The nice thing about the word "probably" is that there's room for "absolutely not." Not as much as if you had used "possibly," but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here. Perhaps you might want to preface statements like that with "In my opinion" or "To my ears" or "because I obviously have very little in the way of taste, I consider..."

And in any case, you can't say that shit while Kenny Burrell and Les Paul are still alive.



Aug.28.2006 @ 7:08 PM
Uhhh... you guys don't know much about jazz guitar, do ya? Or else you just can't appreciate it. As much as I find all of his Metheny Group material disposable as hell, if you've ever listened to any of his trio recordings, you'd be aware that he is an authentic jazz monster. Just about the most complex chord voicings, dexterity, rhythmic and melodic sense of any jazz guitarist of any time. Yes, Metheny is a jazz guitar genius.

And if you've ever seen him play those over the top acoustics in a solo setting... you'd understand he has the ability to utilize it completely.

Django was good for his time... but he's no Metheny... there's not really a comparison to be made there.


Aug.28.2006 @ 7:27 PM
Chris Randall
I believe the song I mentioned in my first comment is a Trio tune, which I found just as pompous as that nasty reverbathon synthy shit he does with Lyle Mays. Not my cup of tea, but when it comes to jazz, I'm basically bop all the way. If someone's gonna do what is, for all intents and purposes, the "Stairway To Heaven" of bop, well, you gotta nail that shit.

As I've said, however, this is in my opinion. If Pat Metheny turns your crank, by all means do indulge. Just do so out of earshot of me.



Aug.28.2006 @ 7:36 PM
Suit & Tie Guy
i didn't say that pat metheny was a genius, and i didn't say he was better than Kenny Burrell, Les Paul, or Melvin Sparks (or Mark Elf or Joe Pass or O'Donel Levy or ad infinitum).

i would have expected you to infer words to the effect of "who came after" or "became popular during" etc. pardon me for not being as explicit as i can be sometimes.

so if my taste sucks, _who_ should i be listening to as far as modern jazz guitar goes? if Pat Metheny is the ambassador of overnotefulness and badtasteosity, then _who_ in the younger generation of jazz guitar do you think is good, or at least better than Metheny? Kevin Eubanks? John Abercrombie? Bobby Broom?

if you name any dirty hippies who sidestep their 335 copies through a pair of tube screamers i will be in stunned disbelief however.


Aug.28.2006 @ 7:39 PM
Chris Randall
Jeff Parker.



Aug.28.2006 @ 7:51 PM
I love Jeff Parker... one of my favs. Him and Marc Ribot. But they aren't authentic jazz guitarists. Jeff strives to sound like authentic jazz at times. But that's where the difference is.

My tastes put Jeff Parker and Marc Ribot above Pat Metheny. But they aren't real jazzbos. Metheny is.


Aug.28.2006 @ 8:21 PM
"But they aren't authentic jazz guitarists."

oof, there's that word: authentic.

Jazz is a bastard genre, and Metheny has done as much as anyone to bastardize it further. Where do you draw the line between authentic and inauthentic? bop? cool? modal? Charlie Christian? Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson?

Jazz used to be dance music that normal people actually enjoyed; no one dreamed of suffering through four Boston winters to study it.


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