August 28, 2006

And from the

by Chris Randall

Meet the Pikasso guitar. Apparently, this was originally commissioned by Paid-By-The-Note ambassador Pat Matheny, not Rick Nielson as one might think at first glance. There are 42 strings. One would assume that once you got done tuning it, you wouldn't feel like playing any more. I'm sure it sounds quite nice and all, as Linda Manzer is no slouch viz. making guitars, but the way I look at it, if Django only needed 6 strings, well, you get my drift. Product page is here.



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Aug.28.2006 @ 11:14 AM
"Paid-By-The-Note ambassador Pat Matheny". That's absurd. Fine, you don't like his music, but you also don't know it. There are many, many, Metheny compostiions that are spare to point of ambient. LIke him or not, he's not Al Dimeola.

Aug.28.2006 @ 11:15 AM
Yes, but if Django could do what he did with just 3 fingers and 6 strings, just imagine the possibilities with five fingers and 42 strings!!

I would think that the laziness benefits of having all your stringed instruments in one package would be negated by the obvious anti-laziness of having to carry that shit around all the time.


Aug.28.2006 @ 11:32 AM
that thing looks like is was made by picasso.. or maybe wile E. coyote.


Aug.28.2006 @ 11:33 AM
guitar people are so sensitive.

Aug.28.2006 @ 12:53 PM
Chris Randall
They are. I was listening to "Real Jazz" on Sirius yesterday, and Pat Metheny's rendition of "All Blues" came on, and I swear to god he fit like 35 solos in three choruses. There's a song that doesn't need that. I was embarassed for him.

If my choice is "like him or not," I'll take "not," thanks very much. On the other hand, I've always got a tickle out of his lambasting of Kenny G, which is available here:

link []">link []

But, to my ears, all fuzak sounds alike.



Aug.28.2006 @ 12:55 PM
Needs to have a 5th neck made pointing downwards so Methany can play that with his wee-wee.

Aug.28.2006 @ 1:23 PM
There is little real info about the instrument on the luthier's link, but it looks to me as though the two fat 12-string headstocks are securing drone strings which would vibrate sympathetically or perhaps be strummed as well, but not fingered. The luthier could have stopped after adding one set of sympathetic strings ( there is a precedent for such things: link []">link []">link []</a>">link []</a> and <a href="<a href="link []">link [] ). The fat strings at bottom are probably extra bass notes, but look too short to have decent resonance (even the doublebass, according to physics, is "too small" for what it is trying to produce frequency-wise...there were 19th c. experiments involving doublebasses so large that the player(s) had to stand on a ladder - I kid you not! Same deal with gigantic sub-bass saxophones). If the guitarist had 3 right arms, this thing could be justified...

Aug.28.2006 @ 2:23 PM
Suit & Tie Guy
okay chris very nice slam on pat.

pat metheny is probably the most dynamic and artistic jazz guitarist of the period 1980-now. he can move from milk-toast to abrasive so fast his audience gets whiplash, and his motivation for everything he does is completely internal.

yes he can be notey. he knows what he's doing, and he isn't notey for the sake of it. no not all of his notes need to be there, but they all belong there.

also, were you aware that Thurston Moore (i would go out on a limb here and say you probably are familiar with him) called Pat Metheny's Zero Tolerance For Silence "the most radical recording of this decade" and "a new milestone in electric guitar." Zero...Silence is about 70 minutes of unlistenable solo guitar feedback and noise. there's probably not one actual note-note on the entire record.

Pat does what Pat wants to do. if he wants to do a smooth jazz record, he does it. next time out he might only do 32 not harp guitar, and piss a bunch of new listeners he got with the last record off. he's Pat Metheny and he doesn't give a shit.

there's a whole world of guitar players out there who believe that more notes more faster is more better. that club does not include Pat Metheny as a member.


Aug.28.2006 @ 2:25 PM
Wade Alin
>> In 1984 Pat Metheny asked me to design and build a guitar with " as many strings as possible"

now THAT is absurd.

Hey Chris, could you design me a plugin with "as many filters as possible."



Aug.28.2006 @ 3:01 PM
That essay dissing Kenny G was hilarious. I like the accusation that Kenny G is not only shitting on Louis Armstrong's grave, but shitting on every musician who's ever tried to do anything interesting.

Legend has it that when Pat Methany (briefly) taught at Berklee, he berated the class for being too dumb to understand his genius and stormed out because they were too far below his level. Uh Pat...isn't that why you're supposed to be teaching them?


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