August 22, 2006

Dear sweet baby jebus...

by Chris Randall

And from the "careful what you wish for" category, Reverence is a smash hit, I guess. Yesterday was (by far) the biggest sales day ever for Audio Damage, and Reverence has sold more in one day than some of our other plugins have sold, period. It is a happy time.

On the flip side, I'm totally swamped with NFR requests and "I bought the wrong version" and such like that. It's really quite amazing how many people want free shit from a company that barely makes ends meet.

As an aside, our original t-shirt company _finally_ got back to me with a quote for the high quality shirts, and it is quite a bit lower than the first company, so it looks like we're going to be able to get the shirts we wanted in the first place, and still have 'em for $20 like the last batch. All's well that ends well. I'm a little too busy to deal with that just now; I'll get it rolling next week.

In any case, back to the flip-flop factory. While I'm busy, hey, look, Jack White's house is for sale, if you're really looking for that White Stripes vibe. Nice place, I'll say that much. I don't even mind the red. (Thanks to fmasseti.)



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Aug.22.2006 @ 3:19 PM
brandon daniel
As somebody who regular gets NFRs and "industry accomodations" from various places, I gotta say it's just not worth *my* time or *yours* to deal with an NFR on a sub $100 product. Just buy it already, duh.

Aug.22.2006 @ 4:18 PM
Adam Schabtach
I have to agree with the sentiment that if you're in this biz, you can afford a $39 plug-in, and if you can't afford it, you probably shouldn't be in the biz. I mean, forego you daily trip to Starbucks for a week or so and you can scoop up our new product with the savings. Personally the gimme-freebies messages we get that irk me the most are the ones that say (in essence) "I'm signed to a major label and I'm wildly successful, so you should give me your stuff for free." Okay, dude, if you're that successful, you can definitely afford to buy our stuff.

puffer: quoting your blog: "I?ve never seen Chris Randall and have no idea what he looks like, but in my mind apparently he is an unassuming early middle-aged gentleman. And their work-space is a cool loft with great lighting." If you're really curious, you can see what Chris looks like here:
link [sistermachinegual.js...]">link []
and you can see one of our workspaces here:
link []">link []
Sorry for the cognitive dissonance these images may create when they collide with your mind's eye. :-)



Aug.22.2006 @ 4:38 PM
Chris Randall
Does this meet your definition of "unassuming early middle-age gentleman"?

link []">link []

I may be early middle-age (38) and it's open to question as to whether I'm a gentleman, but "unassuming" is a word not often applied when describing me.



Aug.22.2006 @ 5:22 PM
where are the pics from the "Not my god" video?

Aug.22.2006 @ 5:35 PM
Congrats on the success of the Rev! It's a great addition to any plugin setup.


Aug.22.2006 @ 9:07 PM
Could not agree more about the ridiculousness of asking for an NFR of a $39 product. Though.... If any of these folks are legit and install the plugs on a store demo machine, it could work to your advantage. But there is no way of telling what people are really doing of course.

A demo of your products would be nice though... Maybe something that quit after 5 or 10 minues or had static bursts....

Congrats on the new plug guys. I will pony up as soon as I recover from my recent trip across the Atlantic, throwing money out the window the whole way.


Aug.22.2006 @ 11:05 PM
Adam Schabtach
Rhetorical question: would the availability of demo versions be worth a 25% increase in our prices? Producing demo versions would increase our R&D time by about 15-20%, plus leave us more vulnerable to piracy. We'd have to compensate somehow...



Aug.23.2006 @ 12:22 AM

Sound samples are enough. No need for a demo for a $39 product.


Aug.23.2006 @ 12:31 AM
Obviously you've proved right what I was trying to say the last 5 years: Everybody wants to buy a plugin as long as the price is correct.

And no, demos are not needed, the sound samples are enough as Downpressor wrote. I'd say no to NFRs as well. :-D

Reverence is so fucking great, thanks, guys.


Aug.23.2006 @ 12:32 AM
I don't agree.
If I were able to try some of the other products, I might buy them that much quicker. Demos make things that much more tangible.

I think $50 would be the tipping point, so 25% or slightly under would be fine (in my opinion) for most users.

I might have bought Phase Two or Big Seq weeks ago if I could've tried them. I know once I do, I'll be hooked.


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