August 21, 2006

MIDI Violin, but not what you think...

by Chris Randall

When you first hear the words "MIDI violin," you think of a violin that transmits MIDI, right? This bad boy is the other way around. It receives MIDI. Now, this is a violin I would find useful. Product page is here. $17,500 and it's yours.



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Aug.22.2006 @ 3:34 AM
I can't imagine the MIDI file to drive this thing is just a straight score. I would imagine there's a fair degree of "hacking" in the code, lots of custom control messages that specifically relate to the driving the servo and pitching the vibrations. I really doubt you could just bung in any MIDI violin part and have it play a reasonable facsimilie of a real player. If so, any cost "savings" would be offset by the trouble to actually program it.

Aug.22.2006 @ 10:37 AM
From what I saw in the video, the bow is not actually playing anything. There is a mass (the string blade) vibrated by magnets driven using a wavetable synth. The bow rubs the blade in order to give some modulation and there are 2 sympathetic strings. I wouldn't call it a robotic voilin so much as a sampler with some wood and horsehair thrown at it.

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