August 14, 2006

And now for something we hope you'll _really_ like...

by Chris Randall

Someone just sent me a pretty funny MP3, a re-tasking of the (in)famous Diamond Dave phone message of last week. Give it a listen here. Apparently, the author of this track is afraid of Belizian Cyber-Ninjas or something, and chose to remain anonymous. Well, who can blame him? You need a pretty robust in-box to deal with DD's missives.


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Aug.14.2006 @ 7:22 PM
Dave McAnally
Early One Morning
The Punta Rebels Came Down
I took a line cocaine and their music I found
I sold it in my store to fight piracy
They said the copyrights didn't belong to me

Later that day I took my webcam
I made a vid to show I'm a serious man
Now the whole world knows Diamond Dave 103
Thank lordy for my downloading capabilities

Later on a man named Adam Jay
Recorded a phone call when I was blown away
He disgraced the entire nation of
I told him to talk to my lawyer and me

Oh lordy you gotta listen to me! Lay off Chris Randall and let that cocaine be!!!


Aug.15.2006 @ 3:51 AM
Early One Morning
I went to my Mic Room
and low and behold
was my camera stand, with boom

my nicest piece of gear
a "Norman" with FETs
I think i'll make a web movie
and send it to all the internets.


Aug.15.2006 @ 5:14 AM
Er, this is too much (the jesus bit at the end of the third video, for example).

Are you certain that this is not some kind of elaborate joke (done by someone with absolutely no self-respect) ?

I sure hope it is...


Aug.16.2006 @ 10:51 AM
that was definitely better than ministry.

Aug.19.2006 @ 10:17 AM
I'm starting to think DD's fake too.
The quality of his english very inconsistent, it's waaaay better in his youtube comments than in his emails. And there is no way he'd actually could afford all this gear with a cocke addiction to finance (he can't be from a rich family, his mom was a cop, remember? :) ). And how would he even know about all that hardware or find the "on" button on his gear, considering the iQ he is demonstrating.
Hell how could he even open an account and post a video on youtube or send e-mails without the most basic understanding of the "internets".
Me thinks he's just abored amateur studio owner, making a huge joke.

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