August 11, 2006

Diamond Dave is, in actual fact, The Real Thing...

by Chris Randall

So there was a thread on Gearslutz that kind of went concurrently with the Diamond Dave shit we were rockin' here earlier. It was in good fun. In actual fact, it was a bit kinder than our conversation here, because to the best of my recollection, they didn't call Diamond Dave a fucktard, like, 25 times.

The creator (and main motivator) of the Gearslutz thread was our good friend Adam Jay, who has graced these very pages several times with his excellent kit. Long story short, Diamond Dave got wind of the thread, and wrote Jules (the operator of Gearslutz) with all kinds of drama. Jules, not being very fond of drama, just removed the thread, which is expedient, but not much fun. However, I'm my own ISP, and could give two shits, and love drama to boot.

Diamond Dave made what some would construe as a mistake by calling Mr. Jay. When greeted by voice mail, he left a 10 minute message, wherein he told Mr. Jay that while he could wear a shirt that says "I'm A Pirate," that didn't mean he was one. Also, his father is an Airborn Ranger (retired), his mother is FBI (retired), his brother isn't happy, he might sue Gearslutz, and he is the Real Thing, among many other excellent tidbits.

The only possible thing that could make this better would be if Adam found a way to make a recording of his voice mail so he could share this with us, right? Oh, wait. he did. Enjoy.



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Aug.11.2006 @ 2:08 PM
Mr. Dave didn't actually say he's going to call the <a href="link []">link []">Prime Minister of Belize</a>, he said "I'm contacting the Prime Minister of Belize....City".

The pause between 'Belize' and 'City' implies, to my ears, a degree of uncertainty on the part of Mr. David. I'm tempted to call the good PM inquiring as to his exact relationship with our funny friend.


Aug.11.2006 @ 2:38 PM
Chris Randall

Just a reminder: no HTML allowed in the comments. If you got a link, just type it, and it'll get turned in to a link. Ditto for email addresses. Which is why this board is so deliciously spam-free.



Aug.12.2006 @ 12:00 PM
Wow! israel!
maybe his fighting in lebanon in these very moment. :P

Aug.25.2006 @ 11:45 AM
OK. I just can't let this one die. Not yet. I am the one that did the "modification" to the picture that he kept referring to. It was a friend of mine that posted it. He left a voicemail that I couldn't help but to.....well......"modify" as well. Here is the result containing the previously unreleased VM message.

link []">link []


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