August 9, 2006

Monolake Deathstar

by Chris Randall

Apologies if you're already hip to this, but I just found out about it, which makes it almost like it's new. This is Robert Henke's new MIDI contoller. It will be for controlling Live and Max/MSP when Robert is performing as Monolake. A whole slew of pics on his site, and some info here. Suffice to say, it is pretty much the end-all-be-all of Ableton Live controllers. Dig the RGB LEDs. While I'm not a Live user, I could become one if I had one of these bad boys as a steering wheel. Fuggeddaboudit.



Aug.10.2006 @ 5:54 AM
Did he use the Doepfer DIY kit or the midibox kit from

Aug.10.2006 @ 6:07 AM
Sorry,read the credits noticed its a midibox. Here is one of those boxes with a built in Oakley Tb-3030: link []">link []

and the Mungo box:
link []">link []


Aug.10.2006 @ 6:18 AM
I think it's bloody monstrous.....I'd pay serious money if someone produced a controller like that...

Aug.10.2006 @ 10:08 AM
When I work with Live I end up proramming a layout similar to that on my little evolution uc-33e. But a few hundred more buttons would be great. This box would be perfect for Live.

Aug.11.2006 @ 3:44 AM
You owe it to yourself to spend a weekend learning Ableton Live... I almost guarantee if you follow the built-in tutorial you will end up buying and using the program. I was a Cubase user since Atari and now rarely boot it up.

Aug.11.2006 @ 4:09 AM
Chris Randall
I owe it to myself? No offense, but Live straddles the fence between a toy and a DJ tool from my perspective. It really doesn't have the skillset for the kind of music I mostly make.

I have to use it a lot for AD testing purposes, and in my experience there's nothing in Live that isn't easier in most any other DAW except for its looping abilities (which, on the flip side, contribute heavily to its generally fuzzy-around-the-edges sound.) For live purposes (go figure) it is obviously second to none. For actual studio work, it is one notch above Traktion in my book. I've managed to make just shy of 70 records without using either it or Pro Tools on a single track. The old "if it ain't broke" maxim applies here.

That, of course, doesn't mean that it won't work for a lot of people. It just doesn't work for me.



Aug.11.2006 @ 4:38 PM
That so rocks of Robert, super build going on. Makes me wanna step back, revise and look at my custom controller. That the great thing it's like Burger King "You Get It You're Way!"

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