August 6, 2006

Why I Love This State...

by Chris Randall

Take a close look at the last line.


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Aug.08.2006 @ 6:22 PM
coincidentally, this just went up today
link [inlandempire.crst.or...]">link [inlandempire.crst.or...]

it must be a conspiracy.


Aug.08.2006 @ 6:48 PM
Chris Randall
I live in a little town called Mill City, which is about 30 miles East of Salem. So I'm almost exactly equidistant between Eugene and Portland. It's an hour fifteen either way. And a shit drive on the Interstate either way, too. I prefer the drive to Portland because, well, it ends in Portland, while Eugene is kind of a shithole.

That said, we're moving to Portland in October, so there'll be no more hitting the Eugene Craigslist.



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