August 5, 2006

A little story 'bout Reverence...

by Chris Randall

You might recall a few weeks back when I asked for a front panel photo of a Lexicon 200. Much speculation ensued, both here and at KvR, about the nature of such a request, and what it might mean. Of course, it's now known that most of you were right, and the next Audio Damage product is indeed "inspired by" the Lexicon 200. It is called Reverence, and a screenshot is above. Click the image for a full-sized one.

It isn't an exact clone of a Lexicon 200, or any Lexicon 'verb, for that matter. It is a modern (and thus more usable) rendition, for the 99.9999% of us that don't earn our bread and butter doing Scritti Politti mixes. It has that same thickness of the early Lexicon plate simulations, without the brittle overhead or the noise. Obviously, it runs at modern sampling rates instead of the 11kHz neck of the woods that the original ran at, so it has significantly more headroom. That said, I think Lexi 200 owners will be happy with the result.

It will be US$39.00. We're just finishing up the Windows version, and will start the OSX versions this week. I am hesitant to give an actual release date, but ads for it start running at the end of the month, so it would be wise for us to have it out in August. We're not going to rush it out, though, so there's a chance we'll slip a bit. Unlikely, but I'm obligated to mention it. We'll be happy to field any questions or comments in this thread.



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Aug.05.2006 @ 2:05 PM
Who's that .0001% that does make a living doing Scritti Politti mixes? I want that guy's job. Been thinking for a long time that that Aretha Franklin song had just a little more to give to us.

Looking forward to the all-done-up version of this.


Aug.05.2006 @ 6:47 PM
sweet! looks killer - i'll buy. :-)

Aug.05.2006 @ 9:29 PM
I'd like to see a little more Lexi-Blue on the faceplate. Would that involve a lawsuit or something?

Aug.05.2006 @ 9:58 PM
Chris Randall
What you'd like to see and what we did aren't compatible, it seems. The blue you see is the blue you get, as the UI is done, and won't be changed. We could have colored it whatever the hell we wanted, of course. We chose that shade, which implies Lexiness without actually stating it, for reasons I expounded upon in the above post.

Naturally, I could have colored it lime green and given it airplane throttles that looked like they were made out of cat fur instead of standard Lexi buttons, and it would sound the same, so it is entirely moot.



Aug.05.2006 @ 10:11 PM
Easy! It was intended to be tounge n cheek, especially considering you used the LED digits, knobs, graphics, meters, labels and dual sliders from the original. I'll buy it no matter what color it is!

Aug.05.2006 @ 11:04 PM
Chris Randall
You mean you don't want the cat fur mod?



Aug.06.2006 @ 2:06 AM
Ive never played with a real Lex 200 but I have some Impulse Responses in Altiverb which I really love and use a lot.

Aug.06.2006 @ 9:11 AM
Would you consider Reverence an all-around go-to reverb, or something more suited for use as a distinctive effect?

Aug.06.2006 @ 9:33 AM
I want the cat fur mod!!

Aug.06.2006 @ 10:12 AM
Actually, I am just happen to be looking for some reverb plugins... Here are some questions / suggestions:

1. Could you create some sort of "reverb pack"... Since Audio Damage seems to be pretty prolific in the reverb area lately, with the Digitalis, the Reverence, and the Ratshack Reverb (and the Dubstation sounds kinda reverby). Could someone get a package break if they buy multiple reverbs?

2. Could you make a 11khz switch?

3. Can you include lots of samples on the website (or one very long extensive sample of the reverb)... at very high sound quality? One of my pet peeves is people trying to sell effects without giving the customers an extensive idea of what it sounds like. I don't really think that you can overdo it with the sound samples.

4. Although I will break my rule if the plugin sounds really good, I try never to install the demo, instead of copy a dll to a directory to test the plugin. A .dll test version would be much better than install versions.

Also, if you are on a reverb kick, here are some things I am looking for:

1. A really good multitap delay/echo with a lot of taps to produce a reverb sound. If you have 32 delays, each with their own filtering, it makes a really nice reverb... unfortunatly the only way to do it is to route a plugin into a plugin into a plugin, because there is no good multitap delay software out there.

2. A very chaotic spring reverb plugin would be great... one that actually models the physical spring instead of sounding "spring-like". I am not aware of any spring reverb plugin thus far that sounds like a real spring reverb (or, if there is one, it is more expensive that buying a real spring reverb).


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