August 2, 2006

Adam A7 = The Business...

by Chris Randall

Got my Adams from Analogue Haven today. Run (don't walk) to the nearest computer and order yourself a set. These little guys are The Shit, in no uncertain terms. Well worth the money. There is no question in my mind any more that these are the best deal going for sub (barely) $1K powered monitors. Bass? Tons, round and full as fuck. Sub users: meet the real world. High end? Nice. Not crispy like I expected; quite smooth. There's a little three band tone control thingy on the back where you can add some sizzle if you need to.

They aren't really rough to listen to; I can't see ear fatigue being a real problem with these guys. You can really hear your 'verbs and compressors working, which is quite important in a mix. In short, I'm in LOVE with them, and I've only had them for four hours. I'm going to be doing some mixing next week, so we'll see how they hold up, but I imagine "admirably" is the word I'll be looking for. Seriously. Buy some. I'm not kidding.



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Aug.07.2006 @ 11:25 AM
Chris Randall
I normally avoid Yamaha products militantly. The original NS-10m has its place, and you'd have a hard time finding something else that did the REV5's oddly useful "Active Bass" patch.

Also, a 9" woofer for nearfields? You're getting in to midfield territory with that. I don't need anything that loud.



Aug.16.2006 @ 8:50 PM
Ryan Johnson
I have had my A7s for two weeks and IMHO I think they are the only monitors to get at the price point. No, I am a music major and not a sales rep! Obviously anyone looking to buy these will be a project studio owner and thereby unable to afford the real industry standards like the Westlakes or even the (more recent)ANF10. For me this purchase was the single biggest I have made on my studio in over a year. I started looking at the Tannoy Reveals(blech) and was about to settle for the cheap Genelecs when I took a gamble on some friends advice and online reviews. To me their strength is the ribbon tweeters. From a technical aspect only the absolute pinnacle of dynamic drivers can even touch a ribbon tweeter in distortion and impedence characteristics. And, they aren't necassarily that expensive to produce because of their relative simplicity. With dedicated amps for each driver, their is no way,IMO ,that the marginallly lower distortion of even two Brystons could make up for the weaknesses of mid-price dynamic tweeters. I would recommend to anyone who is shopping for project studio monitors to buy a nice pair of Beyerdynamic DT 880s and mix by headphone until you can afford the Adams and ALOT of Auralex! Cheap monitors can really destroy a mix, and even the garage producers out there want their music to sound the way they imagine it.

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