August 2, 2006

Stuff and gear and stuff...

by Chris Randall

It was inquired as to what gear was being used for the guitar overdubbing sessions. "All kinds of shit" would be the easy answer, but pictures can express a thousand words, so here's a 2K explanation.



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Aug.02.2006 @ 3:19 PM
Curious question, do you stick to a set order for your pedals? I've seen a few people rant that distortion/fuzz *has* to go after wah, etc.

Aug.02.2006 @ 3:28 PM
Chris Randall
People that rant like that have too much free time. I put 'em in the order they need to be for the tone I'm trying to get. I could give two shits about what's "supposed" to be.



Aug.02.2006 @ 3:32 PM
so many ppl over complicate pedal order, do you want to distort the filter or filter the distortion?...

And CR, check that Metro shelving for resonance. I once built a really nice (and somewhat elaborate) workstation desk scenario out of that stuff. Multiple levels for different sets of speakers and screens, even a bottom tier for cpus. I had to spend the next 2 days trying to make the damn thing not sympathetically 'ring-along'. Rubber and foam everywhere... The mere sight of Metro shelving makes my tinnutis flare.


Aug.02.2006 @ 4:15 PM
The Red lolipop mic looks really cool :P
post some sound clips if you can.

Aug.02.2006 @ 5:57 PM
Chris, you should check that floor for sympathetic paint to concrete resonance. Also, check to make that you're wearing clean underwear.

Aug.02.2006 @ 7:46 PM
Chris Randall
Underwear? You're supposed to wear clothes when you record? Shit. I've been swingin' free all these years. Well, you learn something new every day.

That said, the Metro shelving doesn't rattle. You can't tell in the picture, but it is sitting on four rubber blocks. I don't use the upright parts because, well, they rattle.



Aug.03.2006 @ 5:55 AM
Don't want to rain on your parade, dude, but you've totally got that guitar amplificator the wrong way round.

Aug.03.2006 @ 9:34 AM
Tom, you got it all wrong. If you want that warm tube sound you have to mic the tubes. duh.

Aug.03.2006 @ 10:51 AM
dudes. you all have it wrong. that mic is giving the amp its needed physical. can't you hear the sound of the rubber gloves: swackh!

now turn and cough...


Aug.03.2006 @ 11:12 AM
D' MacKinnon
--Curious question, do you stick to a set order for your pedals? I've seen a few people rant that distortion/fuzz *has* to go after wah, etc.--

It really just depends on the effect you're going for. Traditionally yes, distortion goes after wah but switching the order completely changes the sound and it may work on the particular song you're working on.

Most people say flanger and chorus effects go after distortion but I always stick my flanger before my distortion pedals because I like that sound better.


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