July 30, 2006

99 Cent Condensor Mic? Sure, why not?

by Chris Randall

I could see buying, like, 50 of these and placing them all over my house. Mic: 99 cents. Cable loom: $4500. Anyways, Go forth. I'm sure they're fantastic.


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Jul.30.2006 @ 4:50 AM
they sound pretty niiice..

Jul.30.2006 @ 6:37 AM
I have seen this on GS.

the mic is 99 cents and you need a spacial cable for it which cost 4500$ ?
i dont want to know how much a shockmount should cost.

man... talk about expenssive accesories.... :)


Jul.30.2006 @ 12:07 PM
Does anyone know where you can buy these? I can think of some serious "creative applications."

Jul.30.2006 @ 12:51 PM
now you can tell someone to shove that f***ing mic up his ass,
and he can accualy do it :P

Jul.30.2006 @ 3:09 PM
i dont know about needing a $4500 cable...

we have 10 of the mics. and we just used a regular xlr. you can use the clip of an km184 to hold the xlr.


Jul.30.2006 @ 3:27 PM
Chris Randall
Didn't I say "loom" clear enough? As in "placing 50 of these mics all over my house, I'd need to loom the whole house with XLR." I don't know why that's such a difficult concept to understand. I could, of course, use Hosa cables and cut costs.



Jul.30.2006 @ 5:51 PM
musicians friend makes a 50 ft for 9 dollars!

Jul.30.2006 @ 6:36 PM
Chris Randall
Oh, thank you baby Jesus! My wish can come true now. If I only had bouncing happy face emoticons in the replies, I could express my true joy at becoming informed.

Just FYI, the signal:noise on this site is so high because I bounce people for stupid posts like that. If I say something that seems ludicrous, it's probably because I'm being sarcastic. Like, for instance: "hey, I think I'll buy $4500 worth of Mogami cable to run to these little 99 cent mics." You know. Stuff like that. And generally, when you reply to something like that with, e.g., "we have 10 of the mics. and we just used a regular xlr. you can use the clip of an km184 to hold the xlr" you're not actually imparting information, but proving that you don't pay attention very well.

Think before you "save" else you just look like a fucktard.



Jul.30.2006 @ 7:25 PM
...well I *think* anthony was being ironic, viz-a-viz your rant about MF earlier... If seen in that light it was "mildly amusing", no?

Oh OK.... NO!


Jul.30.2006 @ 10:44 PM
Chris Randall
I know the second one was a lame attempt at humor, but in my opinion, if you can't tell, it isn't fucking funny. It's just stupid.



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