July 28, 2006

Avantone Group Buy Update 2...

by Chris Randall

Okay, we've got a couple dozen takers so far; all is good. I'm going to close this up on Wednesday, and here's how it will work. Those of you who have committed will Paypal me $169 per set you want, with your address in the Paypal thingie; I'll send a check for the total to Avant, and in a couple days you'll have your speakers. Avantone has every set needed for this group buy set aside already, and the speakers will ship as soon as they receive payment.

Now, I've received quite a few emails with various questions regarding these little guys; I've answered everyone privately, but I figured I'd put a compendium up here, in the hopes that I might save people (and myself) some trouble. So, in no particular order:

Q: What kind of amp should I use? This is the most common question. Pretty much any amp will do the trick; of course, the better the amp, the better the results, as with all things. However, there is no particular High Quality Shit Amp that fills the same roll as the Avantones (and their Auratone and Pyramid cousins). As I mentioned in the previous thread, the most obvious solution is a Crown D45, D60, or D75. You can find these on eBay for quite cheap, and the D45 can still be purchased new (albeit at roughly twice the cost of the speakers, so diminishing returns are the order of the day.) These little guys purportedly handle 200W peaks without drama, so use that to inform your decision.

Q: Can I use these as my main monitors? Sure, if you make music that only has a snare drum, vocals, and saxophone. Because those are about the only instruments these speakers reproduce accurately. These are most definitely secondary speakers, used to check phase alignment, midrange instrument balances, and how your mix will sound on computer speakers, iPod earbuds, and most importantly, from a television set.

Q: I already have shitty Mackie/Behringer/M-Audio monitors? Why do I need another pair of speakers that don't accurately reproduce sound? This is actually an excellent question. I'm of the considered opinion that speakers like this are actually more useful if you have fair to middling monitors, as those generally have artificial bass that makes your mids sound less than they are, and makes a good balance all but impossible. If you have an expensive and accurate set of monitors, chances are you bought them because you know what the hell you're doing. In that case, you know what the Avantones are good for, and I don't need to explain it.

Q: How big are they? I'm not in my studio at the moment, but I'd guestimate they are roughly 6" on a side. They're quite small, and will live happily on top of most any nearfield.

Q: Why don't you start an online music store that sells cool, useful, cheap shit? Please. I have better things to do with my time.

My wife's parents have been visiting from Phoenix all week, which will hopefuly explain why I've been a bit slow to answer and post. However, they're leaving tomorrow, and this Group Buy will get my undivided attention at that juncture. That, and Audio Damage's next fly-ass product, which is very nearly in the chute.



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Jul.29.2006 @ 11:24 AM
Chris Randall
Yeah, if you want to send it now, that's fine. You can send your payment to [email protected]. Make sure your shipping address is the Paypal address, or if it's different you note it in the note area.

You will, of course, get the mass email which will have payment details, so if you've already payed, you can ignore that.



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