July 22, 2006

Rentals in Portland?

by Chris Randall

Dear Lazyweb:

I need to rent a good recording amp for August 1st to the 8th. I'm thinking a Gibson GA-20 or a '66 Champ or something in that neck of the woods. Obviously, given my locale, the rental needs to take place in the Portland/Salem, OR neck of the woods.

Any help? Or suggestions on other courses of action? I don't really want to buy another guitar amp, as I have all the guitar shit a keyboard player needs, but I do need something a little more highbrow than what I gots for this session I have coming up. Hook a brother up.




Jul.22.2006 @ 10:02 AM
penzoil washington
If you can locate a made in usa fender pro jr. (they're worth about $350), they're pretty amazing amps.

Jul.23.2006 @ 7:31 PM
I love my Blues Jr.

Jul.24.2006 @ 7:52 AM

Didn't you build an amp with a Jensen? That should outclass all but the tweediest of Champs.


Jul.24.2006 @ 9:30 AM
You might try Apple Music Row. They're right downtown on 225 1st Ave., straight off the MAX line, if I recall.

Site-thing is here - link [www.applemusicrow.co...]">link [www.applemusicrow.co...]


Jul.25.2006 @ 10:09 AM
Adam Schabtach
Man, that takes me back. I went to jr. high school with the son of the owner of Apple Music. Lucky twerp had all this cool gear...





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