July 17, 2006

Crumar Performer

by Chris Randall

I scored a Crumar Performer off Craigslist for almost a yard sale price. How 'bout that? I'm gonna go pick it up tomorrow. I have a soft spot in my heart for string synths. I've owned an ARP Omni 2 and a Roland RS09 at various times. Never had a Performer, but I've heard good things. We'll see 'bout that.

But anyways, I religiously look through the Craigslist postings in my area for things like this, but this is the first time it's actually paid off. I'm quite pleased.



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Jul.17.2006 @ 2:40 PM
Word up on Craigslist. A couple months back I scored a 1970's broadcast radio console for $50. It was pulled working out of the classical station here in Portland when they upgraded to a digital board.

I'm still in the process of hooking it up (I got married last month - amazing how much time that eats up) but once it's all set up I'll be using for a couple mic pres and as an OTB summer.

It's a beautiful beast. Huge old dials and giant vu's. Lots of pics here: link [www.prodigy-pro.co...]">link [www.prodigy-pro.co...]


Jul.17.2006 @ 3:06 PM
Chris Randall
Man, that's a good score. Anyone else have a good Craigslist find they want to share?



Jul.17.2006 @ 3:57 PM
Huzzah! I love the Peformer. A friend of mine has one. It's got those useless horrid synth brass sounds and those lovely wonderful synth string sounds. Good find.



Jul.17.2006 @ 4:17 PM
I picked up a Yamaha CS60 for $350 the first day I looked at Craigslist. : ) Haven't seen any deals that good again, but some close. They were selling it for less because it was modded and not in the original condition. Thing is the mod doubled the OSCs per voice. : ) There's a switch to go between 8 and 4 voices.

Jul.17.2006 @ 4:22 PM
penzoil washington
I'm on my 3rd Crumar Orchestrator (aka Multiman). Crumar instruments are truly badly built but I love them. Orchestrator is a lot of fun as you can split and layer several sounds freely, and the filter cutoff pedal adds a lot of interest. Did you know that the proprietors of Crumar and Elka were brothers? Bob Moog had some very amusing anecdotes about Crumar from when he consulted for them, such as the owner waking grouchily about the factory unscrewing "unnecessary" light bulbs to save money...

The elka stuff, by the way, is much better constructed. I had a beauty... the X705, sort of a gigantic wannabe space age Electone, hours of fun.


Jul.17.2006 @ 4:52 PM
not in the true deal catagory, but I just picked up a Blonde Hammond M3 of the CL. It looks and sounds REALLY good. Anyone want my week old viscount/impeerial/deluxe/intercontinental thing.

I met a guy who was selling some crumar style pianos off CL a few months ago. I went to his place upsate where he had a barn chock full of delicatible gear in not so hot condition (including a symphonizer with a "Jan Hammer Band" log spraypainted on it). He's slowly posting it all on CL as he figures out the value for all of it. crazy stuff. I ended up buying 2 transistor pianos off him and a 17" speaker cabinet to match a 150 Peavy tube head I fished out of the trash here in Queens. 80 bucks total. not bad

Oh another thing of interest he had was a russiam PolyVoks organ that featured an accordian chord style set of buttons. crazy craazy stuff


Jul.17.2006 @ 5:13 PM
michael weeks
Nice score!

I've got your trilogy it seems - my "wall of poly" is a Crumar Orchestrator, Roland RS09, Arp Omni 2 and a Juno 6. Recently added a beat-to-hell farfisa compact deluxe too.

Now I need to score a cheap wurli, which is a tougher beast to do in the NYC craigslist postings!

dm - what's your viscount thing?


Jul.17.2006 @ 8:33 PM
I love my Performer. Don't believe blinkman about the "horrid" brass section - the brass section is run through a moog-style ladder filter and can sound really, really nice in its own right. Just make sure you play brass _chords_, as it was intended, otherwise you just get a single square wave oscillator and it will sound fairly thin. I like to set the filter envelope to slowly change over several seconds, and play legato so that it doesn't reset often... I'd sample it, but you're about to have one of your own to toy with, so enjoy.

Jul.17.2006 @ 8:46 PM
hey i just bought a Roland R8 (w/ electronic card!) from craigslist today for $115. and get this, a GIRL sold it to me! I think she even left some patterns on it....hmmm

she even knew how to Sysex her shit...and that this was like her 4th R8. it's kinda dirty.

craigslist is wild.

p.s. i'm not even sure why i wanted this thing.


Jul.17.2006 @ 8:46 PM
I paid $40 earlier this year for what I though would be an ARP 8 mixer, but when I got across town and opened up the case, it was a "Minus" Noise mixer. I bought it anyway, and had a chat with the guy about his 30+ years as a professional drummer. He got pretty excited telling me about all the crap he had amassed over the years and through changing styles. He said something about Syndrums, Simmons, and Synare... so I kept his number and called him again when I had some more cash. Long story short, I picked up a Synare 01 and a Synare 03 for $75. The rubber pads have seen better days, but other then that they are in tip-top shape. He even included the manual with a plethora of patch diagrams from his days in an 80's synth-pop band. Pretty sweet!

Here's a couple of pics...
link [usera.imagecave.co...]">link [usera.imagecave.co...]
link [usera.imagecave.co...]">link [usera.imagecave.co...]

BTW he is willing to give up the Simmons SDS-8 with all 5 triggers and stand for like $200. If anyone wants it, I'll pick it up and send it for that plus the cost of gas and shipping.


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