July 15, 2006

Hot Vintage Fucktard Action...

by Chris Randall

And from the "hey, where'd my career go?" file. Word on the street is that Billy Squire sued the director for ruining his career. Yeah, sure. Like you didn't have anything to do with it. Right.



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Jul.15.2006 @ 1:37 AM
Yeah! I remember this gaytard now. He should have sued his synth programmer, band, background singers and the guy who did the finger snaps too. BTW ? What's with those sheets?

Jul.15.2006 @ 3:16 AM
Aenemone Carbuncler
ah, was this an episode of Fame?

Jul.15.2006 @ 8:42 AM
Only thing missing was leg warmers. You sure this wasn't his attempt to compete with Jazzersize? Squiresize? Didn't this performance get him a co-staring role with Travolta in Perfect?



Jul.15.2006 @ 8:55 AM
fuck man you gotta admit Squier had some ill drums with Everybody Wants You, Stroke, and Big Beat. Ok so he snaps like a girl....

Jul.15.2006 @ 12:01 PM
D' MacKinnon
The director may have been bad but those Flashdance moves were all his.

Jul.15.2006 @ 1:40 PM
If he were gay, it wouldn't be a problem (being gay didn't harm The Pet Shop Boys, or Erasure, or Culture Club back in the 80s.)... what I think makes this guy so disturbing (while say, Boy George, or Andy Bell, is not disturbing) is that this guy was so obviously uncomfortable and humiliated frolicing like a female dancer in a cheap topless joint. You know that this guy didn't want to dance like a fucktard, but was willing to humiliate himself because he thought it would make him a buck.

Jul.15.2006 @ 1:42 PM
penzoil washington
Narcissism in its purest form. If I were a psych prof this'd be required viewing.

Jul.15.2006 @ 6:28 PM
Porco Rosso
Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.. A proper gay manager like Brian Epstein or Kit Lambert would never let an atrocity like this happen.

"That look sells Deal-a-Meal cards, not hit records."


Jul.15.2006 @ 8:40 PM
I always assumed this was Billy Squire's coming out video. Put Stroke Me into context.

But yes, I can see how this and only this killed his career. Because, you know, Eddie Money and Pat Benatar still have such soaring careers.


Jul.16.2006 @ 8:59 AM
Benetar's Achilles' Heel:
link [www.youtube.com]">link [www.youtube.com]

Certainly not as bad as Squire's - at least she had a choreographer to blame. Squire seemed to be improvising his whole routine.


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