July 12, 2006

I'll probably regret this one...

by Chris Randall

Dear Lazyweb:

I need one more multi-FX box. I'm extremely happy with my shiney new Eventide Eclipse (and at the risk of being both repetitive and boring, if you have the means, give Shawn a ring and get one your own bad self) and I'd like another multi-FX box to compliment it. Two caveats: maximum of $1100, and it must have AES/EBU I/O. I'm not fooling with any bullshit converters or impedance matching adapters. My shit is 100% AES in and out of my computer, and that doesn't change.

So, what's the most versatile and suck-free multi-FX unit, taking those two factors in to account? I've seen a couple PCM-81s going for that or less. Quite frankly, I wouldn't turn down a PCM-91, even though it's 'verb only, because I seem to be bouncing through the Eclipse while building a song, and finishing with a nice 'verb; might as well eliminate the middle-man. What I'd really like is a single-engined M5000, I think (as long as it had the digi card) but I'd be lucky to find one in that configuration for the price. So, the floor is open. Convince me.



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Jul.12.2006 @ 3:00 AM
jonas maurstad
I would advice you to check out the TC M3000. It has the all the right connections, fantastic reverb algorithms, and you can pick it up for around 800usd. I think its a very versatile unit, and its two engine layout is very easy to use.

Jul.12.2006 @ 11:02 AM
New it's over your budget, but I've always found the TC Fireworx to be a great compliment to my eventide. Super flexible and customizable, it seems to have that elusive "it just fits" in the track factor. The reverbs are lush, but is by no means "verb only". I think you can find a used one for 7.

Then, when all else fails, you can just grab yourself one of those emt plate knockoffs....No digital hookups, but who gives a fuck when you have a plate (space in your studio is another story...)


Jul.12.2006 @ 12:30 PM
At that price, doesn't appear to be a lot of options. The TC stuff, the Yamaha SPX2000, the Line 6 PodXT pro.

Some Nady thing appeared to have AES/EBU I/O under $1000, but the quality seemed dubious to me. And the Line 6 seemed kind of like "fit as much as we possibly can in there."


Jul.12.2006 @ 12:35 PM
Chris Randall
I can't stand the Line 6 products. They all have a "sound" to them that drives me up the wall. I can't explain it better than that. There's NFW I'm buying a NADY anything, so that's out. I was thinking about the M3000, though. I've seen a couple used ones go for $695, and I was thinking that was a lot of kit for the money.

I'm not really interested in the Fireworx; it seems to be more slanted towards guitarists, not studio use.



Jul.12.2006 @ 1:18 PM
I guess then your only recourse is Platesonics.

Jul.12.2006 @ 1:23 PM
Chris Randall
You guys just want me to buy that bitch so you can sit back and laugh while I type about what a pain in the arse it is to move a real plate, and how I had to build a separate room because it makes too much (real in-the-air) noise, etc. etc.

I'm not gonna be the guinea pig on that one, sorry.



Jul.12.2006 @ 1:42 PM
Adam Schabtach
You're just jealous because I (currently) have more stuff in my rack than you have in yours.

I'm looking at the TC site and trying to determine the differences between the M2000 and the M3000. AFAICT the difference is that the M3000 has the VSS3 reverb algorithm.

The Fireworx I messed with didn't really grab me.

The KSP8's above your $ threshold. Do the Rumor and Mangler have AES I/O?



Jul.12.2006 @ 1:56 PM
> Do the Rumor and Mangler have AES I/O?

Doesn't look like it based on what's on the Kurzweil site.


Jul.12.2006 @ 2:17 PM
Why not go Hardware-software hybrid and get a UAD1 or
a Tc Poco

Jul.12.2006 @ 2:49 PM
True, the Fireworx does seem geared towards gutarists, but it still interests me. Supposedly (according to interviews) Karl Hyde of Underworld is quite fond of his.

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